Wednesday, October 15, 2008

being a teacher is hilarious

I am fully aware that telling stories over a blog is kind of hard and when you don't know the kids personally, it is even more difficult to convey their sweet personalities, but I'm going to try.

I teach AP Psychology and we just started the sensation section, which is one of my favorites. Well today we were talking about our vision sense and the different parts of the eye and things like that. I was telling them how we see, like how it literally all works and how it all connects to the brain. We talked about transduction (converting one type of energy into another basically) and how that is what happens in our eyes. We take in light energy through the various parts of our eyes to be picked up by the various receptor cells, etc. 

All of that was going well and we were trucking along until we got to color. There are different color theories, two of which we discuss in class, but they both deal with the same thing: how we see color. 

I showed them a picture of a red cartoon dragon. I posed the question, "what color is the dragon?" Of course they said "red" and then my annoyingly accurate response was "we see the red that is reflecting off of the dragon, but the dragon itself encompasses all the wave lengths except the red one." I went on to tell them that actually, the light energy has no real color, and the color that they are "seeing" is from their minds, and not on the actual surface.

It was at this point where my kids starting putting their hands on their faces, on their heads, up in the air, and looking at me like I was crazy. Comments were being made like "Mrs. Martin! You are blowing my mind!" and "Everything I have ever thought is wrong!" and "Did my Kindergarten teachers lie to me?" 

hahaha... oh my gosh. Seriously. High school kids are so funny. I love their over the top dramatics... seriously. I really do.

Do I really need to say "vote for Eli" again? yes, yes I do :) Thanks friends!


Jennifer said...

That is too funny, and you just blew my mind too! That is too much for me to handle this early in the morning.

Penny Rodgers said...

Welp, I figured out the whole voting twice thing thanks to my geeky, techy husband! I will be voting twice for him today!

I'm guessing that since it's AP Psychology, these are teenagers! Sometimes they make you want to pull out your hair while the next second they make you laugh, go figure! We love them anyway!!

Yomaida said...

I voted for Eli!!!!! I will continue...good luck!

sarahdodson said...

That really is funny:) You've got lots of knowledge!

And yes, Eli is definitely the most kissable baby out of them all:) (and there are some pretty cute ones!)

CC said...

You teach AP Psych? Wowzers. I didn't even know there was an AP test for Psych!! I'm not worthy!!

GloryandGrace said...

I remember discussing these topics in my high school psychology class and being so confused (but then again, I didn't do so hot in science, either, so that may have something to do with it!) :)

BTW, I put in my vote for your little man two days ago!

Amanda said...

Too funny! :)
Kids say the funniest things no mater what grade they are in.

Mathrox! said...

I love when students react that way! :)

The Wilsons said...

Congratulations Eli for making it to the top 100!!! keep the votes coming!!!! How exciting, Amanda!