Friday, November 20, 2009

Forget the rest of the story

Well, the week ended kind of crazy with Eli waking up and being completely covered in poop and my parents giving us one of the best Christmas presents ever (which I will take pictures of as soon as our house is done!) but let's not get into that now.

Today is Friday! Today is my LAST day of work until February. Today we get to wear jeans to work! Today is my girl's night/baby shower that my friend's are throwing for me! Today my friend Rachel who I never get to see comes in town! Today I'm 38 weeks pregnant! Today I get to wrap some Christmas presents (which I LOVE to do)! And today, well today rocks no matter how you look at it!

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Where to begin...

Thursday, Nov. 5

My sister came in town that weekend because she didn't have class on Friday! (ugh! Don't you remember how awesome that was when you had those days in college??) And so Wes and I took that opportunity to have Amy and my mom babysit while we went to see Michael Jackson's This Is It movie. INCREDIBLE! Have you seen it?? I know there is controversy that swirled all about that man, but the movie has nothing to do with that. It is just him, being truly in his element, and I don't know how you could walk out of that theatre not being completely impressed by him. LOVED it!

We picked up Eli, came home, put him to bed, and by this point it's like 9:00. I decided to check my work email and I had a new email from our campus secretary! She sent an email to the entire school that read something like, "The Allen Events Center has given our school some Reba McEntire tickets to thank us for the use of their facility and for us to preview the facility before graduation. First come first serve." I was like WHAT?! Reba McEntire??? Now friends I don't know how you feel about Reba, but I love love love her and have from the time I first heard her years ago. I asked for 4 tickets and got them! YES!

Friday, Nov. 6

So Friday night Wes, Jeff, Amy, and I all met in Allen to go eat and go to her fantastic concert. We walk in and our seats were awesome! We were on the floor, in the center, and could clearly see her and all of her greatness! ha! (Thank you Mom for watching Eli again that night!)

The majority of the crowd was probably in the upper half of their life which made it such a chill and relaxed concert. Reba sang some of her new stuff and plenty of her old songs that made her. I don't think it lasted that long, but everyone there was so excited and the four of us were dying that we were actually there!

She looks exactly like she does on TV in real life. Completely cute and tiny and perfect looking skin, and her voice is flawless.

And at the end of the night, she walks off stage, hasn't played Fancy yet and so we all knew it would be her encore. Everyone is screaming and getting excited and then Reba rises up from the back of the stage in that red dress and everyone went crazy! hahaha... y'all. It was SO fun.

Saturday, Nov. 7 and Sunday, Nov. 8

Not too much happened over the weekend. Wes was busy playing guitar and I was feeling so sick with a cold or something so I laid low.

Monday, Nov. 9

Monday was a really busy day. As soon as I got home from work and got to eat lunch with Wes and Eli, I had to drive to Dallas for my doctor's appointment, you know the one where I got "checked." Nothing crazy to report. Everything was looking good. Judah's heartbeat was good, his movement seemed great, and my doctor thinks he was head down but kind of off to the side. Surprise surprise... I'm feeling more and more relaxed that I just went ahead and booked that c-section.

Then Wes had to leave as soon as I got back for the afternoon. So I took a really long nap while Eli was sleeping and then when we both got up it was time for supper! Jourdan was coming over for dinner! I wasn't feeling that great, but she is so sweet and made the drive all the way out here instead of meeting somewhere, so it turned out to be so fun, as always... We love us some Jourdan!

Wednesday, Nov. 10

What is there to say about this day really. Wes was working so I dropped Eli off at his babysitter's house (which he LOVES by the way) and off to work I went. I picked him up as usual, brought him home as usual, and fed him some lunch... as usual.

We played for awhile and then it was time to go "night night" which means climb up on our bed, get in your sleep clothes, and read books before nap time. He was acting tired, everything was normal, and after "night night" I put him in his bed and I went to lay down in mine.

My child never went to sleep! Two hours later (almost) he is still just playing around in his bed, talking, laughing, just whatever. I finally just go get him out and he thinks that is the best thing ever and is laughing just running all around the house. Please remember that I am feeling horrible still and really really wanted to take that nap that obviously was never going to happen.

All I remember is that I was laying on the couch watching him literally spin in circles laughing when he tells me that he is going to go get some chips. Great, go get 'em kid. He comes back in with a full bag of chips that we had opened the day before but never ate. He's just bouncing a long carrying the bag and I notice that he's carrying it upside down. No chips are falling. I did an excellent job of rolling up the chip bag, but I'm starting to panic so I get up as fast as I could (ha...) and right when I reach for the bag it opens and the entire bag of little tortilla chips spill ALL over my living room floor.

Some of you might be thinking (if you've made it this far... haha...) "aw man! That stinks! Well pick them up lady!" I on the other hand lost it. I'm sure it was the tiredness, the sickness, the end of pregnancy hormones, the fact that I am huge and can barely bend over to reach anything, the Wes isn't home, the Eli didn't take a nap part of me that kicked in but I started SOBBING. And I'm not talking just that constant flow of pretty tears, I'm talking hysterically crying.

I scared Eli half to death probably because he got teary eyed and started saying "sawyee sawyee" and that made me cry even more because I wasn't mad at him obviously, and so I just hugged him and had him help me pick up some of the chips and sent him playing. I, on the other hand, just sat in the floor and cried.... over spilled chips! I was a HUGE mess.

Meredith called, could tell immediately something was wrong, I started telling her and just cried the entire time. Then Wes called, same story, asked if he should come home, told him no. Then my mom called, and was on her way home and so she just decided to come over.

Retelling this story makes me sound crazy. And I guess I was that day. But I just could not control myself! haha... Jeff said it would make for an awesome youtube video if that scene had been recorded. I would have been famous! haha...

But, the chips are cleaned up (thanks to Ebony) and I got my haircut that night with Meredith, so I was much better by the end of the night. sheesh...

...more to come about the rest of the week later...

Monday, November 9, 2009


Still here. Not in labor. Just had a busy few days and now I feel sick! :( booo.... Going to the doctor today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The update and Chicken Satay Wraps

Ok! Well I didn't get "checked" at yesterday's appointment, but that was fine with me! I did end up scheduling my remaining appointments though, which there are only 4 left!! So, I go back on Monday and he said that's when he'll start taking a look at things and seeing how Judah is progressing. SO exciting!

The baby shower yesterday was so much fun! All of the hostesses were so sweet to put it together for me and I was really overwhelmed with how amazing my friends are! The shower was a diaper/book shower, which is so adorable, and we came home with diapers of all different sizes and some of the cutest little books I have ever seen!

I had a lot of fun, ate one of the best cupcakes I have ever had, and loved every minute of it. Thank you so much sweet friends!!!

Judah's room still isn't completed decoration wise. In fact, I haven't done a single thing more to it! I know it doesn't really matter and he wouldn't know the difference anyway, but just getting it done before he arrives would be nice so that would be one less thing to worry about when he gets here. Sheesh.

Wes has been a trooper. He has taken on so much stuff around the house and with Eli, which is kind of hard to do considering he did so much already! He still isn't feeling 100% yet. Last week he went to the doctor and was tested for the flu. He'd already had the seasonal flu shot, and tested negative for that, but the doctor didn't rule out swine flu. So... we really don't know if he had it or not. Eli and I seem to be fine (other than a little cold Eli has had for a few days) but I feel so bad for Wes! He's done his round of Tamiflu and hopefully now it's just some sinus thing or something. Say a little prayer for him. :)

Now on to the recipe for today! Ok, so when I first read this one, I was thinking... ew. But! As long as it's chicken, Wes and I will try pretty much anything! So if you are thinking "ew" at first, you might just go ahead and give this one a shot. My friend from high school used this recipe and he said that his boyfriend loved it and they make it all the time! It takes no time at all (like 15 minutes total!) and is delish! I hope you enjoy!

Chicken Satay Wraps

prep/total time: 15 minutes

ok, this one is super easy and fast!

This is like an Indonesian appetizer that is yummy!! You can serve the chicken on skewers and dip it in the sauce or you can make it in a wrap. We ate it as a wrap and for a meal.

2 tbs. olive oil
2 tbs. creamy peanut butter
2 green onions chopped
1 tsp. soy sauce (I actually put about 2-3 in mine)
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 cups sliced cooked chicken (I just put a little oil in a pan, sliced up some mostly thawed chicken breasts and cooked them in the pan with a bit of salt and pepper)
1 cup coleslaw mix (I don't really like coleslaw mix that much so I did like 1/4 cup coleslaw and the rest chopped up lettuce)
some flour tortillas (we did like some whole grain ones, but any flavor would be good I bet!)

So, in a bowl you just whisk the oil, peanut butter, onions, soy sauce, and pepper until combined. I did this before I cooked up my chicken so the flavors could sit together longer.

Then you just add the chicken and toss it around to coat.

Put some lettuce/coleslaw mix on a warm tortilla, top with chicken, roll up, and they are ready to eat!

I served this with some rice and made a salad from leftover lettuce. YUM!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's revisit my last 36 week appointment

So, here is what I had to say with Eli's 36 weeks appointment in 2007. Today I am going to Judah's. Please note that my child was HEAD DOWN... and I ended up with a breech baby. Y'all. My dreams are for real! More to come later today with updates and baby shower pics! I like to put things from the past in italics... like a flash back or a dream. Let's just thank Wayne's World for that.

So, I went to the doctor on Monday. My 36 week appointment was MUCH different than my regular check ups that I have been going to. Oh we started with the regular, weight, blood pressure, urine sample. But then there was a sheet on the exam table, and you know what that means...this time the exam would be much more in depth.

Eli's progress:
  • Well first of all his heartbeat is loud and strong. I still LOVE hearing that! That has been my favorite part of this whole experience when I'm at the doctor's office!
  • He is head DOWN! whoo hoo!! I, for some reason, had it in my head that he was breech. And even last night I had a dream that he was transverse (laying across me) and that I could feel his ear...haha...who knows. So, I'm very happy about that!
  • I didn't get any possible weight or length measurements, but I'm measuring right on track so I'm assuming Eli is as well.
  • I haven't started dilating yet, and he said that was normal to not be dilating at 36 weeks.
  • And that I am also 50% effaced and Eli has already dropped and is in position! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Have gnome, will travel

Hey guys! Well we have been gone for the past several days traveling with Wes and the Jeff Johnson Band to Shawnee, OK! We wanted to get in one more family "vacation" before Judah is born.

It was a really fun and sometimes difficult trip. Wes might have possibly (or might possibly) have the swine flu. I am almost 36 weeks pregnant, which equals to uncomfortable, complaining, tired, in a significant amount of pain, over emotional me. And then we have our 22 1/2 month old who has a little cold but pretty great for the most part!

So, when you mix up a tired flu feeling dad with an all of those things me, we didn't have some of our best moments. But! I will say that Wes and I have pretty much mastered the art of seeing that the root of the thing is never the thing, and chalked most of our moments up to being tired and not feeling good. And, truly, they were only moments so most of the time we were having SO much fun! Eli and I LOVE traveling with them and getting to hang out with the band, our family.

What made it even more fun is that all the band wives were there (Sarah! Jouleen!) and Mandy was there who basically runs everything behind the scenes and makes everyone's life so much easier. AND Drew Worsham , one of our very close friends was there doing his illusions for the kids. He is precious!

And then there is Afhsin and Meredith Ziafat. What's crazy is that when I was like a sophomore or junior in high school, our youth minister Michael brought in this guy named Afshin Ziafat to speak to the youth. I'd never heard a name like before (if you've been to Levelland you can see why... just small town, West Texas, just... different). Anyways, I remember him speaking about how he became a Christian. He was raised a Muslim (first time I had ever heard of that... obviously pre 9-11) and become a Christian and then of course was ousted from his family.

What's so crazy is that I remember that story completely changing so many things about how I thought about thing. It really truly gave me a more global perspective of Christ. Anyways, here I am, 10, 11 years older and Afshin (and his fantastic wife Meredith) are now friends of the band and me! It's so crazy! His story is beautiful and hard and honest and if you ever get a chance to go see him, or Jeff Johnson, or Drew Worsham then do it! You won't be disappointed!!

Now sweet Jeff is super giving and last year bought Eli his Halloween costume, that adorable little black spider. Do you remember that?

Well a month or two ago, Jeff showed me this picture of this garden gnome Halloween costume and we thought it was one of THE cutest things we had ever seen! So we go to Oklahoma, and Mandy and Jeff pull out this little garden gnome costume and I about died! So, that evening for the fall festival at the church on Halloween, we had a perfect little gnome (aka a 22 month old smooshed into a 2T costume that almost didn't fit, which actually made it cuter!) who was dancing and playing the drums and running around all night. Thank you Jeff!!!

We had a really fun time and I love that band and friends so much. They truly are part of our family.