Monday, November 2, 2009

Have gnome, will travel

Hey guys! Well we have been gone for the past several days traveling with Wes and the Jeff Johnson Band to Shawnee, OK! We wanted to get in one more family "vacation" before Judah is born.

It was a really fun and sometimes difficult trip. Wes might have possibly (or might possibly) have the swine flu. I am almost 36 weeks pregnant, which equals to uncomfortable, complaining, tired, in a significant amount of pain, over emotional me. And then we have our 22 1/2 month old who has a little cold but pretty great for the most part!

So, when you mix up a tired flu feeling dad with an all of those things me, we didn't have some of our best moments. But! I will say that Wes and I have pretty much mastered the art of seeing that the root of the thing is never the thing, and chalked most of our moments up to being tired and not feeling good. And, truly, they were only moments so most of the time we were having SO much fun! Eli and I LOVE traveling with them and getting to hang out with the band, our family.

What made it even more fun is that all the band wives were there (Sarah! Jouleen!) and Mandy was there who basically runs everything behind the scenes and makes everyone's life so much easier. AND Drew Worsham , one of our very close friends was there doing his illusions for the kids. He is precious!

And then there is Afhsin and Meredith Ziafat. What's crazy is that when I was like a sophomore or junior in high school, our youth minister Michael brought in this guy named Afshin Ziafat to speak to the youth. I'd never heard a name like before (if you've been to Levelland you can see why... just small town, West Texas, just... different). Anyways, I remember him speaking about how he became a Christian. He was raised a Muslim (first time I had ever heard of that... obviously pre 9-11) and become a Christian and then of course was ousted from his family.

What's so crazy is that I remember that story completely changing so many things about how I thought about thing. It really truly gave me a more global perspective of Christ. Anyways, here I am, 10, 11 years older and Afshin (and his fantastic wife Meredith) are now friends of the band and me! It's so crazy! His story is beautiful and hard and honest and if you ever get a chance to go see him, or Jeff Johnson, or Drew Worsham then do it! You won't be disappointed!!

Now sweet Jeff is super giving and last year bought Eli his Halloween costume, that adorable little black spider. Do you remember that?

Well a month or two ago, Jeff showed me this picture of this garden gnome Halloween costume and we thought it was one of THE cutest things we had ever seen! So we go to Oklahoma, and Mandy and Jeff pull out this little garden gnome costume and I about died! So, that evening for the fall festival at the church on Halloween, we had a perfect little gnome (aka a 22 month old smooshed into a 2T costume that almost didn't fit, which actually made it cuter!) who was dancing and playing the drums and running around all night. Thank you Jeff!!!

We had a really fun time and I love that band and friends so much. They truly are part of our family.


Jennifer-Colley said...

AHH looks like you had a great time! I so wish we lived closer so we could hang out with our 2 boys!!! Cnat wait for Judah to be here!

mhuffman said...

I LOVE the gnome costume! So cute!

The Wilsons said...

I can NOT express how amazing this costume is! I showed it to Jody and he just died laughing! He looks ADORABLE! Praying for your family to get better and stay healthy and strong!

Taren said...

He is such a cute little gnome!

Ashley McWhorter said...

LOVE the gnome! So stinkin cute!!!