Saturday, January 10, 2009

one year olds

One year olds are much different than babies. I'm sure most of you know that. :) But seriously! They are sneaky! They are smart! They are creative! They have opinions! and so much more...

Hold on to those stones before you throw them at Wes because this is a funny story.

Yesterday I get my daily little Eli update email from Wes and he had quite a tale of the morning's events. He said that all the gates were up, the doors were shut, everything was in its place, and Eli was playing with some of his toys. Wes decides to lay down on the couch while Eli
was playing. Somehow the peacefulness of the morning, Wes dozes off to sleep. He said he woke up every few minutes and would look at what Eli was doing and then go back to his nap. Eli was very busy while Wes was sleeping. Wes said he was laying there asleep and could feel someone looking at him. He opens his eyes to find Eli staring at him just inches from his face, holding the remote control, and kind of had a smirk on his face. uh oh. what happened? Wes takes the remote to see what Eli decided to watch on TV. Eli knows how to work the DVD player so Wes thought he was playing a movie or something. He noticed that it looked different so he goes to see what Eli was watching... Eli had ordered a movie from On Demand! An actual movie! Which means he had to go to On Demand, choose a movie, hit watch now, and purchase now! and he did!! He chose Fly Me to the Moon somehow, which was one of the top choices when you hit the On Demand button but definitely not the first one! So, Eli cost us 5 bucks while Wes was sleeping. :)

Eli also loves our cell phones. He's called a lot of our friends and family members before. Last night I was telling Wes that Eli did something caused the clock to stay lit up on my phone all the time when it was closed. Then I looked down again and it said the word "browser" on it! I immediately opened my phone and Eli had connected it to the internet... which we don't pay for so we won't get on the internet on our phone... so apparently he submitted ok for that service for our plan now and we have to call and cancel that. again. 

Eli. It's a good thing we love you. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

stranger danger

I don't know why it has been so hard to get back into the swing of things! Work is going really well and I've had a great week with my kids! Home is going great also- Eli is this little walking machine that makes us laugh all the time! His latest thing is to laugh when everyone else is laughing, which is absolutely adorable! And, he's also entered into the wonderful world of separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety is really interesting. I got my little update a few weeks ago saying that it would be happening and it definitely is. I hear "mama!!!" more now than ever. I'm doing a good job at telling him what I'm doing when I leave one room to go to the next, which has been a little helpful in easing his stress but tears usually follow. 

Yesterday Wes and I went to see that James Bond movie. I'm sure it's been out for awhile now, but when you don't get to see movies that often you kind of lose track of those things. The showing times were 10 am, 4 pm, and 10 pm. hmm... 4 pm it is! So, I asked my spunky little friend Sarah if she could watch Eli when she got home from work! She said yes so off we went. We did the quick but definite goodbye with Eli, Sarah said he got a little sniffly but was fine... she just couldn't really take him by the front door or he would get sad again! hahaa.. how cute! (thanks for lovin on him Rah Rah!) 

So, we're trying to do what we need to do to make Eli feel supported but still allow him to know that he is ok even though mom or dad isn't right in the room with him. 

I love every single stage that he has gone through. He has been such an easy and fantastic baby that it makes me kind of nervous about the next one. (I'm not pregnant by the way) 

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Let me say that I really don't get sick that often. I just don't. I never have really. But this week made up for it! So, I last left you with the virus, which never when away, which I think turned into an infection because I started taking antibiotics anyway and felt a little better. Then I got the stomach bug... but it was only for like 12 hours, which is way better than the horror stories I've heard lately. 

But today, today I am well. I'm still not really eating anything because my tummy just kind of doesn't really feel up to that yet, but I don't feel sick. Whoo hoo!

Thanks a lot sickness for ruining my last week of vacation. 

Back to work tomorrow!! Missed you friends!