Thursday, January 8, 2009

stranger danger

I don't know why it has been so hard to get back into the swing of things! Work is going really well and I've had a great week with my kids! Home is going great also- Eli is this little walking machine that makes us laugh all the time! His latest thing is to laugh when everyone else is laughing, which is absolutely adorable! And, he's also entered into the wonderful world of separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety is really interesting. I got my little update a few weeks ago saying that it would be happening and it definitely is. I hear "mama!!!" more now than ever. I'm doing a good job at telling him what I'm doing when I leave one room to go to the next, which has been a little helpful in easing his stress but tears usually follow. 

Yesterday Wes and I went to see that James Bond movie. I'm sure it's been out for awhile now, but when you don't get to see movies that often you kind of lose track of those things. The showing times were 10 am, 4 pm, and 10 pm. hmm... 4 pm it is! So, I asked my spunky little friend Sarah if she could watch Eli when she got home from work! She said yes so off we went. We did the quick but definite goodbye with Eli, Sarah said he got a little sniffly but was fine... she just couldn't really take him by the front door or he would get sad again! hahaa.. how cute! (thanks for lovin on him Rah Rah!) 

So, we're trying to do what we need to do to make Eli feel supported but still allow him to know that he is ok even though mom or dad isn't right in the room with him. 

I love every single stage that he has gone through. He has been such an easy and fantastic baby that it makes me kind of nervous about the next one. (I'm not pregnant by the way) 


Amanda said...

Isn't he too cute in his winter PJ's!?!? :)

Leaving Camden is so hard to do without him crying for us but since he's started doing that it makes me not want to leave. We've started leaving him in the nursery at church which was rough the first few times...he cried the entire hour! :( After a couple of week though he only sniffles a while and he's good to go.

I can just imagine Eli pouting every time he got near the front door. :)

Penny Rodgers said...

I loved that stage also! Makes you as a parent feel so loved! Eli looks so sweet in that little hat!

Thank you for the encouragement!

The Mellberg Family said...

Pretty soon he will want you to leave him. So enjoy even though it is hard right now.

Stacey said...

I love the pics! He is such a cutie!

Shaunna said...

Addi already seems to have some separation anxiety...And she's only 7 1/2 months!

Eli is looking cute as always!

What about you? Are you feeling better? Hope so!!

Alene said...

How cute is that kid!!! I've had a hard time getting back in the swing as well this year. Loved your post. Makes me miss all those special mommy moments when the little ones cry when you leave. I also loved each stage my kids went through. I've just learned that each stage has growing pains for mom. Sounds like you have an awesome precious family.

lkalivoda said...

oh my gosh, these pictures of Eli are the cutest i have ever seen!!!!
what wonderful parents you two are....handeling all the things that come your way with such grace!!! i might be emailing you when the anxiety hits our little man!!! hope you guys have a great week!

CC said...

LOVE the hat! And I'm having a hard time getting back to work too. Hence the on the computer thing.....