Sunday, September 30, 2007

27 Weeks!

Well, welcome to Trimester #3! I am 27 weeks now and that means Eli will be born in less than 3 months!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else freaking out about this?! I'm really excited but I have nothing done, so that's kind of weird... but here's the photo, as promised! :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my beautiful mom's birthday! She is absolutely one of my most favorite people, and I love her SO much! We're taking her to see The Lion King tomorrow night and I literally lose sleep thinking about it! I am so excited! I LOVE YOU MOM!!

This is her last year on her birthday. We gave her some cash, a coupon to go to Canton, and her sisters came down for a really fun day!

The Moche

The Moche are an extinct South American people group that I was teaching my students about yesterday. My students take fill-in-the-blank notes in that class from a PowerPoint that we are discussing at the same time. I was telling them that the Moche hunted wild ducks, pigs, and deer, however, when those words came up on the screen, it looked like this:

They hunted wild dicks, pigs, and deer.

I'm not sure if you caught what just happened, but my students ALL did. There was this huge gasp followed by uncontrollable laughter that I thought I would never regain control over the class. The lights were off except for 2 lamps and you could still tell that my face was bright red! (sigh) I'm glad I was able to provide some entertainment for them... And totally humiliated that my PowerPoint said that...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I have learned this past week:

Hello all! This has been a very busy few days! Here are some things I have learned:

1. Not seeing your husband for over 2 weeks is terrible.
2. Kid Nation, the show I swore I would not watch, was actually very sweet and made me all teary eyed
3. Trying to get 3 dogs to go to sleep when I want to go to sleep is impossible
4. My parents possibly might have a higher electric bill this month because during house sitting I turned their air down because it was way too hot over there
5. Grapefruits are not in season
6. For some reason my grad professor is no longer our professor and so now we have a new one
7. Trying to not have another "hiccup" in my weight is much harder than I had thought
8. It can actually take 4 entire hours to get to Waco from here, even when it should only take around 2
9. If my next meal after work is past 5:45 I want to hurt somebody
10. I have 3 pairs of black maternity dress pants, which were all bought at different times for different prices and it turns out they are all the exact same
11. Going to register for what a baby needs is quite possibly one of the most overwhelming experiences so thank you Jennifer and Sarah!
12. You can be pretty much just as excited for a best friend being pregnant as you are for yourself
13. America's Next Top Model is back on and yes, I still love that show!
14. Some people don't know what the word "mandatory" means
15. Eli will not kick on demand, but he will kick for food (smile)

I hope you have all learned some interesting things these past few days :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

26 Weeks!

Goodness. I'm officially beginning the end of the second trimester. I seriously cannot believe that I'm going to be considered as a third trimester gal pretty soon! What is going on? haha... this is happening way too fast! :) picture. :( I'll be with my friend Meredith tonight so maybe she can take on that I can post!

Another thing that is not going so well are my eating habits! I swear, it's like these past 2 weeks I have felt like I was starving! So, I've been eating! I was reading that obviously you have hormone fluctuations all throughout pregnancy and that those can contribute to appetite increases...but where are the hormones to contribute to appetite decreases? Or at least stabilizers?! hahaha... Well, I promised Eli I am going to make sure that even if I'm eating more than I possibly should be that I would at least eat the right foods. So, I'm going to do a little less self indulgence for a week and see how that goes. :)

Right after school today I'm going to Waco to do a skit with The Skit Guys! I have so much fun when I do stuff like that! Meredith is seriously saving the day for going with me! I am so glad she's going! It's going to be a great night!

Also, be thinking of our other best friend Rachel tonight! Her band, Branch, is having their CD release party. She's pregnant too and is around 10 weeks, so you know how she might be a little more tired than usual!

I'll get Mere to bring her camera and get some pics posted! :) Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Never underestimate the power of habit

Now I wouldn't exactly say that I have a habit of locking my keys in my car, but I have done it enough times that you could say it is almost to that point. But that was in the Cutlass right? I mean, I didn't have one of those super cool keyless entry things and I didn't have this urge to keep everything perfect in my car... well...apparently, old habits die hard. Or, in this case, old habits chase after you like a ferocious lion! haha... here's the story:

I pulled into my garage and once I put my gear into park, I always start shutting the garage door. I don't know, I guess I just feel better knowing the garage door is shutting while I'm out there, so I always always do that, just like I did today. I always pull the car keys out of the ignition just enough to where they aren't falling out. I hate that dinging noise it makes when your keys are in the ignition. My fabulous new car unlocks all the doors when you put the car into park, so the doors are all unlocked (unlike my Cutlass, where you would have to unlock the doors yourself if you wanted them unlocked.) So, I open the door, get out, walk around the back of my car, literally say in my head gosh, I love having this car, start walking towards the door leading into my house and then I hear it LOCK. What?! Did my car just lock itself? I rush back over, I look into the car, there my keys are, and yes, every single door is locked! You may not believe me, but it's TRUE! That car locked itself! Now, I do wonder if maybe I didn't put it all the way into park, or I did something to cause it alarm before I got out, but I absolutely did not lock the doors before I got out, and obviously I did not have the keys with me! (sigh) That is my old habit ferociously chasing after me.

I don't know. Maybe it was a huge blessing. A couple of hours and $45.00 later, my car was unlocked. But now I know. Just because I have a new car doesn't mean I don't need to make multiple copies of the key. I will get that done as soon as possible.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it ok to hate your husband?

Because I actually might hate mine (smile) in the most loving way possible. haha...obviously hate really means extreme jealousy (also in the most loving way possible).

Today he sent pictures of the island he's staying on off the coast of Honduras. He and Jeff went there to play at these anti-drug rallies and at some churches. The place is beautiful. Honduras is beautiful. But the people are poor and sick. All the majority of the people have is soccer and drugs and alcohol. Those things are readily available to them at any age. It's hard for them to see such poverty being fed by addiction, so teams of doctors and missionaries go over there to raise awareness. It seems so sad that the ugliness of the drugs can be surrounded by such beautiful nature and people.

His internet connection isn't the fastest, so he's only sent a few pictures so far. This day it was about to rain, so you can see the beauty of the storm rolling in and the clear waters that surround the island.


Friday, September 14, 2007

25 Weeks!

Wow. I'm 25 weeks along today. picture. My gorgeous husband is now in Honduras...with the camera. :) But let me describe myself for you:

Same height. Different weight (smile...remember the hiccup). I feel like my lower spine is curving into my body. I have a lot of lower back pain. I mean, it's constant, not unbearable. I look like I have this slightly misshapen soccer ball hanging off of me! haha... One of the girls at my school is pregnant and she's like this cute little bundle, and my little Eli is all deformed looking! It just depends where he is...sometimes it's much rounder than others. My cankles aren't as bad. My feet definitely aren't "normal" but, they aren't too bad. Let's see...what else. I feel so much shorter this year because I haven't been wearing any heels at all! All the kids seem to tower over me, but I just can't make myself put any pain on my feet! Other than that, I think I look the same! (at least I keep telling myself that! haha...)

Today I learned that Eli loves kolaches! Thanks to Greg! yikes! I forgot to pay you by the way! That $3.50 will have to wait until monday!

Well, I'm sitting here waiting on the crib to arrive. UPS said they were coming today, so I hope they do! I feel very tired, but also very happy that it's Friday! Tomorrow I get to hang out with the Skit Guys which I am SO excited about! Yay for the weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Out with the Olds...

and in the the new!

I have such exciting news!! Are you ready?!?! WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!! Yay!!!! I used to drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass. Now I drive a Buick Rendezvous, and I love it! haha...I do laugh because I sound like the oldest 25 year old in the world. I used to drive an Oldsmobile and now I drive a Buick...hahaha... but I don't care, I LOVE this car!

Here's the Olds...

And here is our "new" car!

I really don't think I can express to you how big of a blessing this is to me. I mean, I literally get so teary eyed every time I think about it because I'm just so amazed that this actually happened! I've been driving my Cutlass since high school and it has served me very well. It has lots and lots of miles on it, but still runs fine, but I just was getting more and more anxious about putting a newborn in the car. Realistically, it would probably be totally fine for awhile. But with Wes out of town so often I just wanted something more reliable in case I get into a bind. And plus, who doesn't like getting a new car?!

(sigh) I am just so happy! I was 17 when I got my Cutlass and now I have something new! A 2004 Buick Rendezvous! Yay!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Wow. It's Friday. First let me say that it was the hugest blessing that we had a four day week this week! I loved it! But I don't feel any less tired...haha... We had Meet the Teacher Night last night. That makes the night really long and it was the first time my feet were swollen again, but the parents that came were SO nice! So, it always makes me feel more confident when I know the parents lend their support!

And I'm about to tell you something slightly embarrassing. Here goes:

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. It's the usual sequence, you go in, wait, they call you back, you get your blood pressure taken, you pee in a cup, and they weigh you. That's where our story begins. The precious nurse Judy takes me to the back. Well, our normal weigh in spot was being used so we went to this new spot. Before I get on the scale I say "Now remember, I'm not in shorts and a tank top anymore...I'm wearing a lot more clothes!" She kind of laughed and said it would be fine. So, I step on to the scale and do my usual look up at the ceiling thing because I really just don't want to know. Then I hear her say "Hm. Ok, step off, take your shoes off, and let's try this again." I was DYING at this point! I was thinking oh my gosh!!! How much weight could I have possibly gained in one month?!?!?! I got back on the scale and apparently there was no change. Since the original scale was still being used, she just said, "let's just reweigh you after your appointment just to be sure on the scale we normally use."

So, I have my appointment and my doctor doesn't say anything about it. We leave and I tell him I need to find Judy. We find her and I said, "Do we really need to do this again? haha..." and she was like, "we don't have to...but I was just wondering how accurate that was." And my doctor put his arm on my shoulder and kind of laughed a little and said, "see I didn't even scold you for that weight gain! Most women do have a little hiccup in weight gain during one or two months of pregnancy..." A little hiccup?! OH MY GOSH! How much weight did I gain in ONE MONTH?!?!? hahaha...and the answer is...I still have NO idea. I REFUSED to weigh myself when I got wouldn't do me any good anyways because I don't know how much I weighed last month. And it obviously isn't life threatening because he didn't mention it at all until I brought it up... haha...I just thought it was hilarious, and slightly embarrassing. I guess we'll see in about 16 more weeks how much weight I've gained total! Yikes! :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Going green

Ok. It's done. Well, when I say "done" I don't mean DONE done, but the walls are painted! And they are green! Yay! I honestly don't know what I would have done if Meredith wasn't here to basically do all the work for me! My precious husband is in Nashville hating the fact that he couldn't be here to help, but we are all truly TRULY thankful that Mere saved the day!

So. I don't really have a theme for a couple of reasons. A) I can't think of anything that I like enough to have a whole room made out of. B) My friend told people that her theme for her kitchen was that cute little chef man and that is the only thing people would buy her. It was like throwing up the little chef man by the time her showers were over. So, no theme. However, I did finally find the crib that I like:

And, as you can see, it's black. And the bedding...well, the bedding is a whole different story. I couldn't ever find the colors that I could see in my head (smile). Well, we were shopping at Burlington Coat Factory the other day and I finally saw a color that I liked! It's like a regular sage greenish color, so we bought some stuff in that color. That's good. Then I took the stuff to Home Depot to match it up with the paint. After several tries, we finally found something (we meaning me and the Home Depot guy) that we both liked and got the paint made! Yay for that as well! So, here are the pictures of Mere slaving away. You never know how the computer and the camera makes the color look, so hopefully it looks pretty similar to what it does in real life. THANK YOU MEREDITH! (this by the way took forever to get these dang pictures up!)

Ok! Here we are! We are ready to get this done!

Here's Meredith as she prepares the tarp.

The first strokes of the day!

It's so weird how it dries so much darker. We kept freaking out that it was going to look all splotchy, but it didn't! Whoo hoo!

(sigh) the trim work...that is the worst!!'s Mere again, slaving away...

Ok! Here's the first pic of the freshly dried room!

The view from the door.

A look towards the window side of the room.

One view of the room. Now, we still have to paint baseboards and doors and stuff. We'll paint that stuff white. But, no energy for that today.

I just saw the room after it finished drying and I LOVE IT!!!

We are so freaking happy that we are done painting!

haha...this is us laughing because everytime we take a picture we look at the camera to see if it looks good and well...haha...none of them did. We looked so SICK in all of them! haha...

My sick foot at the end of the painting day. I'm sure you all wanted to see that. :)

And here is our final attempt to look somewhat cute...mission: failed. haha...

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! The day that was originally set aside as a day off for the "working man." The day that you either take a vacation or work at your house! Well, unfortunately, no vacations for me, so I'm working in the house.

Right now I'm cleaning up the house as much as I can before my friend Meredith calls. She's coming over to help paint Eli's new room! Which reminds me...I need to go buy the rest of the paint supplies... Anyways, Eli's room is the room formerly known as "Steve's Room" because everytime our good friend Steve, or Uncle Steve, stays with us, he stayed in there! So now everyone will just have to stay in the guest room with the fold-out couch...which I must say, it the most comfortable fold out couch ever!

I decided to show you how messy Eli's room is right now. No, we didn't make Steve live in slop, but he hasn't been here in awhile so we just started throwing everything "baby" in there and...haha.. a few other things. SO! Here's some pics of what Eli's room looked like before it was Eli's room! After the paint job, I'll give an update!

This is what you see when you are in the doorway entering Eli's room. I'm actually almost standing in our room while taking it, so all the rooms are really close together.

hmmm...a mess... well, that's my sister's old bed. We were going to keep it in the room, but the room isn't big enough, so we'll take the bed apart and store it somewhere (hopefully at my parents house!)

Let's see, those shelves and "curtain" will come down. The shelves will be painted black later on if we decide we need them and my amazing mom will make the curtains for the room when we find the fabric.

This was my brother's baby chest that I now have. We're going to paint it black since that's what the crib will be,and I love this chest and it's perfect for the room!

Obviously this is the closet. Now, I have already cleaned that out so it is all ready for him!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

23 Weeks!

Wow. I mean, 23 Weeks. I don't know why, but that number seems kind of big to me... I was looking back at my 18 weeks pic and kind of was like, "I WAS SO SMALL THEN!!" (sigh) There better be one big baby in there :)

23 weeks

21 Weeks