Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I have learned this past week:

Hello all! This has been a very busy few days! Here are some things I have learned:

1. Not seeing your husband for over 2 weeks is terrible.
2. Kid Nation, the show I swore I would not watch, was actually very sweet and made me all teary eyed
3. Trying to get 3 dogs to go to sleep when I want to go to sleep is impossible
4. My parents possibly might have a higher electric bill this month because during house sitting I turned their air down because it was way too hot over there
5. Grapefruits are not in season
6. For some reason my grad professor is no longer our professor and so now we have a new one
7. Trying to not have another "hiccup" in my weight is much harder than I had thought
8. It can actually take 4 entire hours to get to Waco from here, even when it should only take around 2
9. If my next meal after work is past 5:45 I want to hurt somebody
10. I have 3 pairs of black maternity dress pants, which were all bought at different times for different prices and it turns out they are all the exact same
11. Going to register for what a baby needs is quite possibly one of the most overwhelming experiences so thank you Jennifer and Sarah!
12. You can be pretty much just as excited for a best friend being pregnant as you are for yourself
13. America's Next Top Model is back on and yes, I still love that show!
14. Some people don't know what the word "mandatory" means
15. Eli will not kick on demand, but he will kick for food (smile)

I hope you have all learned some interesting things these past few days :)


Susanlee said...

Grapefruits (like all citrus) are in season in December. Where are you registered? What *does* mandatory mean? (just kidding about that one...)

under the Eagle's wings said...

YES!!! ANTM is back on!!! do you see how happy am? love that show!...dont necessarily know why...i'll get back to you on that hahha