Friday, September 14, 2007

25 Weeks!

Wow. I'm 25 weeks along today. picture. My gorgeous husband is now in Honduras...with the camera. :) But let me describe myself for you:

Same height. Different weight (smile...remember the hiccup). I feel like my lower spine is curving into my body. I have a lot of lower back pain. I mean, it's constant, not unbearable. I look like I have this slightly misshapen soccer ball hanging off of me! haha... One of the girls at my school is pregnant and she's like this cute little bundle, and my little Eli is all deformed looking! It just depends where he is...sometimes it's much rounder than others. My cankles aren't as bad. My feet definitely aren't "normal" but, they aren't too bad. Let's see...what else. I feel so much shorter this year because I haven't been wearing any heels at all! All the kids seem to tower over me, but I just can't make myself put any pain on my feet! Other than that, I think I look the same! (at least I keep telling myself that! haha...)

Today I learned that Eli loves kolaches! Thanks to Greg! yikes! I forgot to pay you by the way! That $3.50 will have to wait until monday!

Well, I'm sitting here waiting on the crib to arrive. UPS said they were coming today, so I hope they do! I feel very tired, but also very happy that it's Friday! Tomorrow I get to hang out with the Skit Guys which I am SO excited about! Yay for the weekend!

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Susanlee said...

EVERYONE loves kolaches! I think it's good that you're not bothering with heels. For every 10 pounds that you gain or lose your center of gravity changes, and sometimes that can cause falls. It's the reason so many pregnant women fall later in pregnancy, so keep your feet nice and flat on the ground... When you get the crib all set up take some pictures!!