Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it ok to hate your husband?

Because I actually might hate mine (smile) in the most loving way possible. haha...obviously hate really means extreme jealousy (also in the most loving way possible).

Today he sent pictures of the island he's staying on off the coast of Honduras. He and Jeff went there to play at these anti-drug rallies and at some churches. The place is beautiful. Honduras is beautiful. But the people are poor and sick. All the majority of the people have is soccer and drugs and alcohol. Those things are readily available to them at any age. It's hard for them to see such poverty being fed by addiction, so teams of doctors and missionaries go over there to raise awareness. It seems so sad that the ugliness of the drugs can be surrounded by such beautiful nature and people.

His internet connection isn't the fastest, so he's only sent a few pictures so far. This day it was about to rain, so you can see the beauty of the storm rolling in and the clear waters that surround the island.



Ms. Collier said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I love clear waters like that and the clouds just seem to make it clearer!

Ms. Collier said...

So do you have any cute, single, Christian guy friends...or does Wes?

Chelsey's Chatter said...

yeah that makes two of us! And I'm totally with you have TWO cute, single, Christian guy friends?!!! Oh and I believe in this case it is completely ok to hate your husband!:0)

Christine said...

TOTALLY okay to mentally wish you were there and we was home ... pregnant! :)