Friday, September 7, 2007


Wow. It's Friday. First let me say that it was the hugest blessing that we had a four day week this week! I loved it! But I don't feel any less tired...haha... We had Meet the Teacher Night last night. That makes the night really long and it was the first time my feet were swollen again, but the parents that came were SO nice! So, it always makes me feel more confident when I know the parents lend their support!

And I'm about to tell you something slightly embarrassing. Here goes:

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. It's the usual sequence, you go in, wait, they call you back, you get your blood pressure taken, you pee in a cup, and they weigh you. That's where our story begins. The precious nurse Judy takes me to the back. Well, our normal weigh in spot was being used so we went to this new spot. Before I get on the scale I say "Now remember, I'm not in shorts and a tank top anymore...I'm wearing a lot more clothes!" She kind of laughed and said it would be fine. So, I step on to the scale and do my usual look up at the ceiling thing because I really just don't want to know. Then I hear her say "Hm. Ok, step off, take your shoes off, and let's try this again." I was DYING at this point! I was thinking oh my gosh!!! How much weight could I have possibly gained in one month?!?!?! I got back on the scale and apparently there was no change. Since the original scale was still being used, she just said, "let's just reweigh you after your appointment just to be sure on the scale we normally use."

So, I have my appointment and my doctor doesn't say anything about it. We leave and I tell him I need to find Judy. We find her and I said, "Do we really need to do this again? haha..." and she was like, "we don't have to...but I was just wondering how accurate that was." And my doctor put his arm on my shoulder and kind of laughed a little and said, "see I didn't even scold you for that weight gain! Most women do have a little hiccup in weight gain during one or two months of pregnancy..." A little hiccup?! OH MY GOSH! How much weight did I gain in ONE MONTH?!?!? hahaha...and the answer is...I still have NO idea. I REFUSED to weigh myself when I got wouldn't do me any good anyways because I don't know how much I weighed last month. And it obviously isn't life threatening because he didn't mention it at all until I brought it up... haha...I just thought it was hilarious, and slightly embarrassing. I guess we'll see in about 16 more weeks how much weight I've gained total! Yikes! :)


Chelsey's Chatter said...

yeah now I'm in suspense too! How much exactly is a hiccup? And what an odd thing to call it?!

Susanlee said...

Well you do have a person and a whole bunch of fluid inside you...all that liquid is super heavy. I am kind of curious though, you should go back and find out!

Christine said...

You do not look like this, so you're okay!:

You have a really great doctor. :)

OH, and I just read tonight that my favorite breastfeeding guru (Dr. Jack Newman) has a DVD breastfeeding instructional video, because, let's face it, none of the classes and such let you just sit there and WATCH a baby breastfeed. I'm so excited he made this thing!!

under the Eagle's wings said...

oh it's not THAT bad! just think, once little eli is out of ya you'll be able to be as skinny as you want...a healthy skinny that is. hehe

Jamie Mills said...

You're prego - You're supposed to gain weight! Don't let it bother you!! It's actually great for the baby! :-) Can't wait to see the new prego pic this week!