Monday, September 3, 2007

Going green

Ok. It's done. Well, when I say "done" I don't mean DONE done, but the walls are painted! And they are green! Yay! I honestly don't know what I would have done if Meredith wasn't here to basically do all the work for me! My precious husband is in Nashville hating the fact that he couldn't be here to help, but we are all truly TRULY thankful that Mere saved the day!

So. I don't really have a theme for a couple of reasons. A) I can't think of anything that I like enough to have a whole room made out of. B) My friend told people that her theme for her kitchen was that cute little chef man and that is the only thing people would buy her. It was like throwing up the little chef man by the time her showers were over. So, no theme. However, I did finally find the crib that I like:

And, as you can see, it's black. And the bedding...well, the bedding is a whole different story. I couldn't ever find the colors that I could see in my head (smile). Well, we were shopping at Burlington Coat Factory the other day and I finally saw a color that I liked! It's like a regular sage greenish color, so we bought some stuff in that color. That's good. Then I took the stuff to Home Depot to match it up with the paint. After several tries, we finally found something (we meaning me and the Home Depot guy) that we both liked and got the paint made! Yay for that as well! So, here are the pictures of Mere slaving away. You never know how the computer and the camera makes the color look, so hopefully it looks pretty similar to what it does in real life. THANK YOU MEREDITH! (this by the way took forever to get these dang pictures up!)

Ok! Here we are! We are ready to get this done!

Here's Meredith as she prepares the tarp.

The first strokes of the day!

It's so weird how it dries so much darker. We kept freaking out that it was going to look all splotchy, but it didn't! Whoo hoo!

(sigh) the trim work...that is the worst!!'s Mere again, slaving away...

Ok! Here's the first pic of the freshly dried room!

The view from the door.

A look towards the window side of the room.

One view of the room. Now, we still have to paint baseboards and doors and stuff. We'll paint that stuff white. But, no energy for that today.

I just saw the room after it finished drying and I LOVE IT!!!

We are so freaking happy that we are done painting!

haha...this is us laughing because everytime we take a picture we look at the camera to see if it looks good and well...haha...none of them did. We looked so SICK in all of them! haha...

My sick foot at the end of the painting day. I'm sure you all wanted to see that. :)

And here is our final attempt to look somewhat cute...mission: failed. haha...


Chelsey's Chatter said...

haha that's completely what I would do..I actually did the whole sorting thing today while I unpacked them, and already have a Half Price stack! And the room looks great! That green and the black is going to look really good!

Christine said...

That's the color in my dining room and bath.


Susanlee said...

That is my favorite crib. Yes, I shop for baby things even though a baby is YEARS away. Always be prepared. The green is great!

Ms. Collier said...

That is a great way to end my day! I'm so glad it turned out the way you wanted! It's so pretty! I think little Eli will love it! :o)

Catherine said...

It looks great!! And Makayla has the same crib!! She loves it!! :)