Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Never underestimate the power of habit

Now I wouldn't exactly say that I have a habit of locking my keys in my car, but I have done it enough times that you could say it is almost to that point. But that was in the Cutlass right? I mean, I didn't have one of those super cool keyless entry things and I didn't have this urge to keep everything perfect in my car... well...apparently, old habits die hard. Or, in this case, old habits chase after you like a ferocious lion! haha... here's the story:

I pulled into my garage and once I put my gear into park, I always start shutting the garage door. I don't know, I guess I just feel better knowing the garage door is shutting while I'm out there, so I always always do that, just like I did today. I always pull the car keys out of the ignition just enough to where they aren't falling out. I hate that dinging noise it makes when your keys are in the ignition. My fabulous new car unlocks all the doors when you put the car into park, so the doors are all unlocked (unlike my Cutlass, where you would have to unlock the doors yourself if you wanted them unlocked.) So, I open the door, get out, walk around the back of my car, literally say in my head gosh, I love having this car, start walking towards the door leading into my house and then I hear it LOCK. What?! Did my car just lock itself? I rush back over, I look into the car, there my keys are, and yes, every single door is locked! You may not believe me, but it's TRUE! That car locked itself! Now, I do wonder if maybe I didn't put it all the way into park, or I did something to cause it alarm before I got out, but I absolutely did not lock the doors before I got out, and obviously I did not have the keys with me! (sigh) That is my old habit ferociously chasing after me.

I don't know. Maybe it was a huge blessing. A couple of hours and $45.00 later, my car was unlocked. But now I know. Just because I have a new car doesn't mean I don't need to make multiple copies of the key. I will get that done as soon as possible.


Chelsey's Chatter said...

haha..I don't care what it is I have..the first thing I do is make multiple sets of keys. I am definitely the "what if" girl..and you "never know what could happen!" I do love that the care locked itself! My sisters car does that too..she also learned the hard way!

Christine said...



Susanlee said...

You need one of those cars with the little number pad on the door then when (note I said when, not if) you lock your keys in your car you can just enter the combination. Silly girl.

under the Eagle's wings said...

ahhh that's hilarious! i know its wrong of me to laugh at someone else's misfortune but you do have to admit, that is funny. =)