Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! The day that was originally set aside as a day off for the "working man." The day that you either take a vacation or work at your house! Well, unfortunately, no vacations for me, so I'm working in the house.

Right now I'm cleaning up the house as much as I can before my friend Meredith calls. She's coming over to help paint Eli's new room! Which reminds me...I need to go buy the rest of the paint supplies... Anyways, Eli's room is the room formerly known as "Steve's Room" because everytime our good friend Steve, or Uncle Steve, stays with us, he stayed in there! So now everyone will just have to stay in the guest room with the fold-out couch...which I must say, it the most comfortable fold out couch ever!

I decided to show you how messy Eli's room is right now. No, we didn't make Steve live in slop, but he hasn't been here in awhile so we just started throwing everything "baby" in there and...haha.. a few other things. SO! Here's some pics of what Eli's room looked like before it was Eli's room! After the paint job, I'll give an update!

This is what you see when you are in the doorway entering Eli's room. I'm actually almost standing in our room while taking it, so all the rooms are really close together.

hmmm...a mess... well, that's my sister's old bed. We were going to keep it in the room, but the room isn't big enough, so we'll take the bed apart and store it somewhere (hopefully at my parents house!)

Let's see, those shelves and "curtain" will come down. The shelves will be painted black later on if we decide we need them and my amazing mom will make the curtains for the room when we find the fabric.

This was my brother's baby chest that I now have. We're going to paint it black since that's what the crib will be,and I love this chest and it's perfect for the room!

Obviously this is the closet. Now, I have already cleaned that out so it is all ready for him!


LeRay said...

I can't wait to see the after. It's so much fun getting ready for a baby! Enjoy it

Catherine said...

Poor Steve! Having to sleep in such clutter! :)

Makayla's furniture is black, we love it! What does his bedding look like?? I can't wait to see the finished product! You better now be painting missy, the fumes are bad for Eli!!

A Mere Thought said...

Well, I'm sitting here about to call you and come the looks of that....yikes. i don't know about this......

Susanlee said...

It makes me tired to look at it. You have your work cut out for you girlie!! I know that it will look beautiful when you're done though, have fun!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

How exciting! Do you have a theme picked out for the nursery? Well have fun today! Don't inhale too many fumes and let your friend do most of the painting :0) Let me know if you ever need any help!