Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The update and Chicken Satay Wraps

Ok! Well I didn't get "checked" at yesterday's appointment, but that was fine with me! I did end up scheduling my remaining appointments though, which there are only 4 left!! So, I go back on Monday and he said that's when he'll start taking a look at things and seeing how Judah is progressing. SO exciting!

The baby shower yesterday was so much fun! All of the hostesses were so sweet to put it together for me and I was really overwhelmed with how amazing my friends are! The shower was a diaper/book shower, which is so adorable, and we came home with diapers of all different sizes and some of the cutest little books I have ever seen!

I had a lot of fun, ate one of the best cupcakes I have ever had, and loved every minute of it. Thank you so much sweet friends!!!

Judah's room still isn't completed decoration wise. In fact, I haven't done a single thing more to it! I know it doesn't really matter and he wouldn't know the difference anyway, but just getting it done before he arrives would be nice so that would be one less thing to worry about when he gets here. Sheesh.

Wes has been a trooper. He has taken on so much stuff around the house and with Eli, which is kind of hard to do considering he did so much already! He still isn't feeling 100% yet. Last week he went to the doctor and was tested for the flu. He'd already had the seasonal flu shot, and tested negative for that, but the doctor didn't rule out swine flu. So... we really don't know if he had it or not. Eli and I seem to be fine (other than a little cold Eli has had for a few days) but I feel so bad for Wes! He's done his round of Tamiflu and hopefully now it's just some sinus thing or something. Say a little prayer for him. :)

Now on to the recipe for today! Ok, so when I first read this one, I was thinking... ew. But! As long as it's chicken, Wes and I will try pretty much anything! So if you are thinking "ew" at first, you might just go ahead and give this one a shot. My friend from high school used this recipe and he said that his boyfriend loved it and they make it all the time! It takes no time at all (like 15 minutes total!) and is delish! I hope you enjoy!

Chicken Satay Wraps

prep/total time: 15 minutes

ok, this one is super easy and fast!

This is like an Indonesian appetizer that is yummy!! You can serve the chicken on skewers and dip it in the sauce or you can make it in a wrap. We ate it as a wrap and for a meal.

2 tbs. olive oil
2 tbs. creamy peanut butter
2 green onions chopped
1 tsp. soy sauce (I actually put about 2-3 in mine)
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 cups sliced cooked chicken (I just put a little oil in a pan, sliced up some mostly thawed chicken breasts and cooked them in the pan with a bit of salt and pepper)
1 cup coleslaw mix (I don't really like coleslaw mix that much so I did like 1/4 cup coleslaw and the rest chopped up lettuce)
some flour tortillas (we did like some whole grain ones, but any flavor would be good I bet!)

So, in a bowl you just whisk the oil, peanut butter, onions, soy sauce, and pepper until combined. I did this before I cooked up my chicken so the flavors could sit together longer.

Then you just add the chicken and toss it around to coat.

Put some lettuce/coleslaw mix on a warm tortilla, top with chicken, roll up, and they are ready to eat!

I served this with some rice and made a salad from leftover lettuce. YUM!


Shaunna said...

What a fun shower! Sounds like you have some sweet friends!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Totally Random question...if you have a scheduled c-section, why do you get "checked"? Just curious. HA!! :)

Susanlee said...

OoOoh Yum. I love chicken satay. Can't wait to try this. Mmm.

Jennifer said...

Okay, you are not a giant and you are also about 3 months ahead of me. Don't worry, come February I will be huge too!

CC said...

Fun! And ooooooooooh so close!!!!!

Yomaida said...

Oh wow it will be so soon! You deserve this very sweet shower! I can't wait to read more updates! Oh and Eli made the CUTEST knome (is that the correct spelling?)!!!