Monday, April 6, 2009



This pregnancy is different. This pregnancy...

Well, I feel really achy pretty much all the time. In fact, there were two days when I felt totally ok and took another pregnancy test to make sure I was still pregnant. 

I feel like I am not being the best mom or wife right now. I'm always a little tired. I'm always a little achy. I feel like there isn't enough of me to go around. 

Today I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Today I'm feeling like, how can I ever do this with two kids? 

After Eli was born I definitely had postpartum depression. God please rescue me from that again. What if I have that again? But this time I'll already have a child who needs his mom to be the best she can be? 

I think I just feel really really tired, which makes me feel really really overwhelmed. I wish I would blog more, it helps my mind get some sort of structure but friends I have just been so tired. 

I miss you guys. :)


Lorren said...

I am so sorry, Amanda. You have so much on your plate right now: working full time, mother to a toddler, being a could you not feel tired?? Just think, a couple more months and school will be out. You can do it!! :)

Terroni said...


Oh crap, I'm so behind on blog reading that I missed the exciting news.

Well... a very belated CONGRATULATIONS to you!

I'm sorry you're feeling like crap. (Leave it to me to write someone a congratulatory comment whose most frequently used word is "crap.")

One foot in front of the other.

And, you don't have to be the best mom and wife all the time. In fact, it's better if you're not because it frees them from having to be the best son and husband all the time. ;)

sarahdodson said...

Oh no! You need to be getting REST. Our due dates are very close to each other- how fun:)

☆Susan☆ said...

Of course you're tired baby girl. You're making a person. Working, going to school and mothering the person you already made! I'm sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed. If there's anyone who can get through this sort of thing it's you. *hugs*

The Mellberg Family said...

Sorry, you're feeling down. I was much more exhausted my second pregnancy because I was chasing a 1 year old around all the time. Take Eli to your parents and get some rest, you're making a baby in there.

Stacey said...

I understand completely! I am just starting to feel better from all the morning sickness! I am still really tired though! How far along are you?

Shaunna said...

I remember being soooo tired too! Praying for you, sweet girl! Take care of yourself and rest! Hang in there!!

can you spare a square? said...

oh oh my goodness, my sweet friend! cut yourself some slack! It takes a lot of energy to grow a human inside of you! This go-round you're stretched much thinner than you were with Eli. Of course you are tired. That's okay...Just remember that God has gone before you in every step of your life. No worries!!! I heart you!

Eryn said...

We miss you too, but totally understand. You are growing a human being, that's tough work! I will definitely be praying for you, I know it's had. Just remember, God's word is truth, even when you don't necessarily "feel" it. Our emotions are fickle, meditate on His word! You are a great mommy, not because of your strength, but because of His strength in you!