Friday, May 29, 2009

A few more Eli words

I wish I had remembered more words to ask him!! But I think you'll enjoy these!!


Missie said...

Adorable! Look at your big guy!!

Anonymous said...

Oi. Parabéns pelo excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar o meu blog e conhecer um pouco sobre nossa luta contra o comunismo no Brasil. Abração

☆Susanlee☆ said...

First of all, -you- look absolutely lovely in this video. (The fact that Eli is a cutie goes without saying.) Second, I seriously need him to come jump around on my back for awhile. I suspect you have a future chiropractor on your hands!

Yomaida said...

ONE: How cute is Eli and his talking????

TWO: You are glowing and look so pretty Amanda!

Hope to see you soon! :-) Hugs!