Saturday, April 3, 2010

Babies, Tigers, and Hives Oh my!

Well it has been an eventful few weeks. We've gone through strep. We've gone through RSV. We've gone through colds. We've gone through allergies. Lots of little sickly things. I think everyone is on the mend now and hopefully will stay that way!

Judah turned 4 months old yesterday! I cannot believe it. He is almost rolling over from back to front (he's been doing front to back for awhile now) and has THE most adorable little laugh! Today I thought he was going to do a full on push up because he was in the midst of our beloved tummy time and he went into his own version of a yoga seal pose! Arms were straight and everything! He is such a strong baby! And he did not get sick one single time (thank you God!). I'm so in love with him! We go to his 4 month check up this week. I can't wait to go show him off!

My dad is the principal of Commerce High School and their mascot is a tiger. They had some sort of gathering and he got all painted up to show off his over the top school spirit. Eli was a little taken back at first but then he just wanted to stare at "tiger" Gramps! When dad washed his face off Eli kept saying, "where'd tiger go?" haha... so cute!

Now these dang hives are making me CRAZY! Eli had them the first time when he was around a year old I think and has had them a couple of times since then, but they have never been to this extreme. It's been like 8 straight days now. The first 5 were at least this bad but after we saw the allergist and he's been on 3 doses of different antihistamines every day they are no where near this extent.

We have no idea what the cause is and we may never know. They don't hurt him or itch so that is definitely a praise! But I can't stand them. Hopefully we can get this batch under control and figure out a way to keep them gone!


Jennifer said...

Judah just keeps getting cuter every time you post a picture and poor Eli with those hives!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that some kiddos get hives with or following a virus. Had he been sick the previous times he's had them?
Something to ponder or research. :} Bless his little heart & praise God they don't itch!
Both your boys are just ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Those hives are a disaster!!!! Poor little guy.

Judah man is so dang cute! Need to hug him soon!


Susanlee said...

Poor baby, those hives look really painful! I get that sometimes when I'm allergic to detergent. Have you tried something like All clear?

Word Verification: Lumples. "Eli has lumples on his legs!"

Yomaida said...

Oh no the hives! Poor little guy. I hope you guys can get it under control. I'm sorry.

Keshav Bhandari said...

Poor baby, amoi !!
Does he have any allergies to cloth type ?? like some people can develop allergies to cotton pants ??

steve said...

did your son get sick have strep? my son gets he same rashes every year or 2 and its related to subclinical strep toxins.

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old son just came home from daycare with hives that look like your sons. Did you you ever determine what the cause was? Thanks, Abby