Tuesday, November 20, 2007

34 Weeks! And More!

Sorry for the absences lately :) I am so thankful that it's the Thanksgiving Holiday I can't even express myself! Everything is still going great! My feet still swell, my sleeping patterns are much worse (considering he wakes me up all the time and I have to go to the bathroom), and I am an ever growing soul... but I'm sure that comes with the territory!

Here were are being SO excited for Thanksgiving Break!!

Here are some pictures of the nursery as it looks right this second. I'll take much better ones once I actually everything on the walls and pictures in frames, but I just had to show you all the amazing stuff my mom did! First, here is a little reminder of the sickness that used to be Eli's room.

Ok this rocker and footstool belonged to my great-grandmother. It used to be just a plain wood color and the cushions were these gross orange cushions. My mom made new cushions and spray painted the furniture black, and it could not look more perfect! The chest used to be that old white chest that belonged to my parents for Josh when he was little. My amazing mother, once again, repainted it and put new handles on it and it looks fantastic!

Here are the curtains my mom made! I think they are SO cute!

So here is the crib covered in goodness! My mom made the little comforter and the ruffles at the bottom out of these super cute sheets we finally found at JC Penny's. The shelves were the gross "white" shelves that Wes painted black.

Some people are like, "you're huge!" and I'm like "yes, I know. Thank you." And others are like "aww...you are so cute!" and I'm like "you are so sweet!" And still others are like, "you're huge!!!" and I'm like "I'm supposed to be!!!!!"

I need to take some pictures of some super cute things I have received for Eli. I feel bad because I haven't taken pictures of like the diapers or wipes, but those things have become like gold to me, so I am so grateful for them as well, but most people just want to see the cute stuff! Today one of my students bought be the cutest little fleece boots with the cutest little blue outfit! I will have to get a pic and update this! And one student bought me this little snuggly blanket for him, and it is so adorable as well! I love all these little gifts!

Here is my 34 weeks pic compared to my 29 week pic. It makes me laugh to see how Eli was laying at 29 weeks! I guess he was just trying to make sure everyone knew he was there!

34 Weeks!

29 Weeks!

Here is the bassinet that has been in our family since my aunts and my mom were born. I think they said every baby has been in that bassinet starting with them! So, that's kind of cool! Anyways, my mom of course redid a lot of it, including a new cushion, blankets, siding, and ribbon! It's very traditional boyish, which makes me laugh sometimes, but it is actually super cute!


adrienne said...

You look so cute! I'm so excited for you and I know you will be such a great mom! I hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving!

Missie said...

Very very adorable! We are still trying to finish Lauren's room in our new house... then, I will post some pictures of her nursery! I love the colors and the polka-dots! And, you don't look HUGE.. You look amazing! Your little one is almost here!

A Mere Thought said...

i mean, I am just getting so excited i can't even stand it. so excited amanda!

Susanlee said...

You look fantastic, and the room is fabulous. I love that you're using Starry Night in there instead of something like..oh I don't know trains or something. I wish I didn't have to have a baby to get all the cool stuff ;)

Chelsey's Chatter said...

1. You look beautiful!(I only hope I can look as good as you do when I'm pregnant)

2. I'm pretty sure that Eli has the sweetest nursery EVER!

3. Your mom is amazing! :0)

4. Hope ya'll have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! Love you!

The Mellberg Family said...

You look really pretty and as soon as he drops you will actually get smaller. You're suppose to be big, you have a baby inside your tummy.