Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just need to get a vent off my chest. This vent is called: College Loan Payments

I will start by saying that I know I am living my choices and I fully believe in paying off debt as fast as you can. No one needs that weight on them.

I chose to go to Hardin-Simmons University, which is a private college, which ultimately means more money. But that doesn't really matter because college is expensive pretty much every where you go. Because HSU doesn't give out that many good scholarships, because my parents are in that middle income level where they can't afford it but make to much for me to get financial aid of any kind, and because I didn't work every free moment out of class while I was in college, I went to college on loans. Loans that need to be paid off.

When I met Wes I told him he would not want to marry me because of all the debt I had in college loans. He kind of laughed and didn't think I was that serious...haha...but I most definitely was. I have thousands of dollars of college loans to pay off. Have we been paying them? Yes. Are we currently paying them? No. Why? Because I am now in a graduate program that offers no financial aid, so we have to pay off my courses as I take them...which is good in the sense that at least I'm not accruing more crazy debt.

So my vent is this. Why in the world does it cost so much to get a degree? I've been out of college now for almost 4 years. I'm a teacher (by choice...I know) so I don't make enough money to be shoveling wads of cash at these loans, which we desperately want to pay off.

I know it will just take time. I know we will eventually pay them off. With the amount that I owe, it would just be life changing if they were already paid off.

Sorry that wasn't the most happy post ever...haha... I just was dealing with those thoughts in my mind and needed to get them out there.


mlg said...

I agree that is really out of hand. But I would ask you to please remember this when you vote in November.

Chelsey's Chatter said...

Amen sister! I just had to pay my 2 college loans light night. I HATE paying those depressing! I wish I could just magically make them go "POOF!" and disappear.

GloryandGrace said...

I can completely relate to you... When Bob and I were engaged, I brought up the issue MANY times that he was marrying a girl who went to college on loans. He had parents who were able to save up, even when it meant they had to make sacrifices in some areas, but we are completely different in how college was paid. AND, like you, I made it my goal to not have any outstanding debt from seminary since I knew we'd be paying off college loans as soon as I was done with seminary. So, I am RIGHT there with you, and I know you just need to vent that frustration sometimes! Go Cowboys...

Susan said...

I know it is just waaay too expensive to get a degree now,and only getting more so. I so want to go back to grad. school, but with Justin in school now it's just too impossible. Good luck honey.

Terroni said...

Hang in there, friend. I will be paying off my med school debt until I'm 50. Really. Even with a doctor's paycheck, it will take me that long. So, yeah, I know how you feel.

Just's only money. The kid's got clothes. You've got some cute shoes. The rest can go to Sallie Mae.

Cammie said...

You're a Hardened Sinner? I am a Howard's Payne!

Don't worry about the loans. They will get paid off. I was out of school 10 years before I finally had the money to pay them off - I am also a teacher by trade.