Monday, January 14, 2008


Hello out there in blogger land! Sorry it's been a couple of weeks! Let me fill you in on the reasons why and then we'll be up and running for a more up to date blog!

1. depression- yes, I said it... DEPRESSION! geez... of course I would get that! haha... It took almost 3 weeks for my depression to go away. I didn't really know that is what I had until I had a good long talk with my dearest friends Rachel and Meredith and my wise mother. I wasn't really feeling sad, more just like extreme fatigue and I was very weepy all the time. Finally when I was able to call it what it was (on a Sunday), I decided I would call my doctor the next day when his practice opened. I woke up on Monday morning and felt 100% better! I am sure that was due to a bunch of factors put together: prayer, being honest, 3 weeks almost passing by, and lots of loving on from friends and family. But I am happy to report that I am SO much better! I don't feel near as tired and nothing gloomy at all! Yay! And for the record... I didn't have any ill thoughts about Eli or anything else. It seems like when you hear about postpartum depression everyone freaks and thinks you're going to hurt your baby. Not all people are like that ok! :)

2. friends- I have had so many sweet friends come to visit! Meredith, Rachel, Adrienne, Jourdan, and most recently Kelli who flew all the way from Amarillo! Thank you guys SO MUCH for coming over! I love having good friends over that I don't have to entertain or feel like I can't be totally me. So I've been surrounded by friends and family and haven't had the time to blog!

3. I don't really have another reason... but it seems people always list in threes. :)

I'm back! Yay! --- These pictures of him in the swing are from today! SO cute!

Eli in his swing!

More play time in the swing!

Here is Eli sleeping... like you didn't know... but isn't he so angelic?


Susan said...

*hug* So glad you're back sweetheart. I know how awful it can be to be depressed, and I'm so glad you're feeling better! Can't wait to see new pics of that gorgeous baby!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

Ok I have to second Susan insert*BIG hug* and say YAY you're back! I got incredibly excited when I read your comment! THEN I felt like a horrible friend, because I haven't e-mailed or anything..I just thought you were really busy with Eli and didn't want to bother you. Geez, I'm such a lousy friend! Well, I'm so glad you're better and back, I love you, am praying for you, and can't wait to see those pictures!

Christine said...

Ahhhh ... PPD ... how I miss hating you so much! ha!

Jennifer-Colley said...

I am so glad that you are back! I have missed you! He is very angelic when he is sleeping too!!!! Thanks for being so sweet in your comments! Coby told me that we would probably be "best friends" if we lived by each other. I guess he has good taste in women! Hope we get to see you guys real soon! Tell Wes hi for us!

Missie said...

Adorable! :)
Glad you got a swing, mine was like a second set of hands at time.
I can't wait for Lauren and Eli to meet!

A Mere Thought said...

OMG he is already getting bigger...what the heck is going on!!??? I love you a ton and need to see y'all asap!