Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birthday Love

Well I am officially 26 years old! I don't feel any different than I did at 25... except now I am a mom! crazy!!

This is a GIANT fortune cookie that my parents sent to me at school! One side is like this and the other side was covered in chocolate, M&Ms, and all kinds of goodness! Yum!

And some sweet teacher friends bought me a cookie cake! I love those things!

My birthday was great! I got yummy snacks at school and then my family took me out to eat at Pasado's for Mexican food! Meredith came along and brought another giant cookie cake! (sigh) I guess birthday calories don't count... haha... Anyways, it was actually a celebration for me, Wes, and my dad since our birthdays are literally just days apart! It was a lot of fun and my brother called me from London and I loved that too!

I hope this week goes by quickly because next week is SPRING BREAK!!! Very exciting!

Eli updates: he has now found his hands and feet! So fun! He's also started "talking" a lot more which Wes and I adore! His little voice is so precious! We're still working on tummy time... he hates it! Hopefully he'll start to like it or at least tolerate it... He is such a blessing and I don't know how he is so perfect! Oh! Also... he's been drooling a lot and chewing on his "passy" a lot! Too early to teeth? Not sure... I didn't get any teeth for a really long time however Wes had 2 teeth when he was 3 1/2 months old! Eli's almost 3 months! we'll see...


Jennifer-Colley said...

I am not really sure. I think that after a nap she just didnt wake up. Dont know if something else was wrong or what. It just breaks my heart for that family! I cannot even begin to imagine what losing a child that you have spent almost 4 months with is like. Isn't she precious?

Susan said...

Man!! I was trying so hard to remember your birthday, and then I forgot to comment yesterday. Sorry honey, at least there were cookie cakes... :)

The Milfords: said...

Cookie cakes are awesome and I am so glad you got 2 of them!

About teething...June started at 3 months and didn't get her teeth until 6 months!! That's a lot of drool-soaked shirts!

Mike wanted me to ask if you guys had plans over Spring Break. Since I don't have your email I am resorting to leaving it on you blog. Email me ( if you're free. We would love to see you guys and meet your little man!

Missie said...

Happy late Birthday!
It looks like you got lots of YUMMIES.

Anonymous said...


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