Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Debbie Downer

That's me right now. Debbie Downer. I really am not sure why I'm choosing to be this way right now when there are so many fantastic celebrations going on! For example: 

1. I just finished my very LAST exam for my Masters Degree! Now all I have to do is log some hours, pay for those classes and you can call me Master Amanda! haha... kidding.

2. My dear friend Leny finally joined us in our wonderful world of blogs. And, her family is from India so that already makes her fascinating! Check her out!

3. Although my house is a complete disaster right now, it is showing some small signs of improvement. My camera is broken (gasp!!) so I'm probably going to use my birthday money to get it fixed - my birthday hasn't happened yet - because I need you guys to SEE my life too!

4. Eli says banana all the time now in the form of "nana!" and he also says please now in the form of "psss"!

But even with all of those wonderful things I am still kind of blue. I think I've worn myself to the ground lately. Maybe being a little over committed or a little over involved, but mainly just because all of my schedules seem to be crashing into each other and I have had not one ounce of peaceful me time in what seems to be ages. Wes assures me that will change soon, and I hope so. I would like to go back to being Amanda Martin instead of Double D. 

That was cheerful huh.

Oh! and #5 would have to be Hugh Jackman's fabulous performance at the Oscars! He was truly great! 


Missie said...

We haven't found out yet, but we will in 2 weeks.. yes, our week-count on gender is off. We are hoping for a boy, but want a healthy baby no matter what!
How are you? We have to get the kids together one of these days.. I'll keep dreaming!

sarahdodson said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down:( You do have a LOT going on!

Psalm 42:11

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are down! I understand being busy, I hope it gets better soon! Congrats on finishing your masters, wow!

Ashley McWhorter said...

So sorry you are down!! I have been there many of times. Hope things start to look up soon!! Hang in there!! :)

CC said...

Hugs! February is hard :( ANd get that camera fixed pronto!!!

Congrats on almost being done with your Master's! That is fabulous news!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry your feeling blue! :(
It sounds like you have tons going on. We've all been there...you'll be back to the good ol' Amanda Martin soon! Congrats on finishing your masters! :)

Jennifer said...

Sorry you are feeling blue! We all have those times in our lives. Hope it passes soon!

☆Susan☆ said...

It's true, Hugh Jackman was SO great! I'm sorry you're feeling sad. I hate it when I'm feeling sad even when things are good. The cure is Ben and Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace ice cream.

Yomaida said...

Oh cheer up girl! I too have my "blue" times here and there. The biggest thing that helped me was to clear my plate of obligations. It made it much easier to enjoy the simple things in life. So what if you are not a part of EVERYHING. I enjoy my family and MY time. It may be a little boring but, I'm not 'blue.' Best wishes to you!!!

Terroni said...

That's the thing about feeling crappy...you don't always have to have a reason. I had a teacher in high school who liked to remind us, this too will pass. (Of course, she said it on really good days, too, which sort of took the shine off of things.)