Thursday, February 12, 2009

He's almost 14 months.

Here's a little Eli update for you :)

He will be 14 months on the 18th. He's definitely much more of a little boy now than a baby. He basically runs everywhere leading with his big ole belly and his arms behind him to keep his balance. :) He's one of the tallest one year olds I have ever seen! My sweet friend Jaclynn watched him yesterday and today and she has a daughter who is two months older than he is. Her daughter is just to tiny compared to my giant child!

He loves to babble all the time... His favorite words are "mama!" "dada" "dog" "no (while shaking his head, and most of the time no means yes...)" "ooce (juice)" "mo (more)" and I think he's been trying to say several other words that I just can't make out quite yet. He's still into reading, especially reading to himself. His favorite book is God Loves Opposites which he throws at you so you will read it to him... thanks Jen... :)

He still goes to bed at like 7:30 and wakes up around 7:30 in the morning. We haven't stopped his night time bottle yet, but I'm sure that will come soon. If he's not going to sleep we give him his sippy cup. hmm... what else. He loves eating almost anything but he's not really allowed to have an
y sugar because it completely messes up his system and we have to deal with the messy aftermath... and what one year old needs sugar anyway. 

His favorite things to do would include going outside, pushing any button anywhere at any time, playing the drums, chasing Ebony, pointing at the fan or any light, climbing stairs, getting off the couch, shaking his head no, dancing, singing, and playing on the computer.

We love him so much and have so much fun with him! We're thinking of adding to the family sometime soon... don't worry... I'll let you know when! And we are completely thankful for his spunky little self!


CC said...

Adding to the family soon??? ;) ;) Remember it's twice as hard!

Love the pics. and I adore baby babble and beginning words!!!

Christine said...

You probably don't recall, but Andrew showed up when Mac was just 15 months old.

So, you're actually a little behind!! Come on! Get with the program!!!


Shaunna said...

Such a handsome, big boy!

He FOR SURE needs a little sister;)

mhuffman said...

Such a sweet, big boy! Glad that you are back to blogging. We missed you!

Amanda said...

He is such a little man!! :)
Such a cutie!!

The Milfords said...

He is too cute. (love the Run DMC shirt!) Are we ever going to get to see you guys?

sarahdodson said...

Love the update on your super cute son. Our Joseph is growing like crazy. Isn't it wonderful to watch a little boy grow up?? I LOVE it! They are so much fun

Jennifer said...

Oh how I missed those sweet little cheeks to look at. And you better not beat me on the second child!!!

☆Susan☆ said...

This totally sounds like a personals ad for your baby. Likes: dancing, dogs, pushing buttons and long walks up the stairs. *giggle* He's totally adorable.

Terroni said...

He is HUGE compared to my niece, Logyn, and she is only about a month younger than he is. Such a big boy!