Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jello, Why I hate oatmeal, and Why I love chocolate milk

I have a lot of different associations with jello. Good... and very very bad.

After having both of my c-sections, my mid section is a lot like jello. very very bad

After doing my Chalean Extreme workouts (which by the way, I have been doing consistently and giving them my all! ...except for quitting 7 minutes early on my workout today. ugh...), anyways, after doing those workouts, my arms and legs feel like jello. Good!

When I was in like the fourth or fifth grade, my family and I were taking a trip. We always drove, so we spent many quality hours in the car. I'm pretty sure we ate at Luby's (which I still love... don't judge) and my sister ate some green jello. We get back in the car to continue our journey and as she did many more times, Amy got car sick. My always prepared mother had some clear big plastic bags that she keeps in her purse so we can all share popcorn at the movies and gave it to Amy to, well, you know, throw up in. I just remember looking over to see a bag full of thrown up green jello slime. very very bad

Because I'm no longer eating my emotions and not constantly baking cookies or brownies anymore, I wanted to tame my sweet tooth with something that wasn't too over the top. So Wes and I not buy those Jello Mousse Temptations  which are delicious! I can't lie and say that are filling, but they do at least make me feel like I can have something sweet. Good!

I've never had oatmeal before until I got married. Wes eats it almsot every morning and finally convinced me to try it. I had Apples and Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal and actually, it was really good! We pretty much take care of our own bowls by rinsing them out and putting them in the sink (or dishwasher... sometimes...). Well Eli has really wanted to start doing basically everything that Wes does, which as mentioned, includes eating oatmeal! So we make it just like we make ours, piping hot! I mix it up with just a little water so he doesn't drip it all over the place. Well the problem with Eli eating oatmeal is that he takes his sweet time, telling us how good every bite is, and it just gets colder and colder, and stickier and stickier. By the time he is finished eating, the oatmeal has basically glued itself to the bowl... which is why I hate oatmeal. I literally am chipping it away with a butter knife, cursing in my head how much I ate oatmeal. I would just fill up the bowl with water and let it soak off, but seeing bowls filled with water and floating particles in the sink literally makes my stomach churn.

But. I LOVE chocolate milk. I probably drink at least 3 full classes of chocolate milk every single day. Do you? Don't you love it?? I can't get enough of it. mmmm... I think I need to make some right now. I love chocolate milk because it's so good! And that's about it :)

Last night we went and picked up Meredith's wedding dress! She looks FANTASTIC in this dress! It is beyond beautiful by itself and when she puts it on it is radiant! I can't wait for the wedding day! Love you Mere!

Oh and did I mention that just the other day my sister put her foot right through my parents' ceiling?


Jennifer said...

I can't stand dishes sitting in the sink with water soaking in them either. It grosses me out!

And Mother's Circus Animal Crackers are those animal crackers that have the pink and white icing on them and sprinkles. I got a craving for them a few weeks ago and have gone through several bags. I found out they stopped making them for a while and it's a good thing they brought them back because I can't get enough of them. This has really been my only craving this pregnancy that I just can't stop myself!

lkalivoda said...

oh my goodness...the picture of Eli is beyond adorable...he is so handsome!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking pics of my wedding dress pick up day!!!! Sorry I don't know how to smile normally.

So proud of how hard you're working out!!!


Susanlee said...

1. I love oatmeal, but it always makes me sick because it sits too heavy in my stomach...maybe it will be better since I've had my gall bladder out. I like it super thick, so thick that if you turn the bowl upside down, it doesn't move.

2. LOVE chocolate milk, but don't keep it in the house because I go through it too fast, and if I'm going to have calories, I'd rather just eat a cookie.

3. How did your sister get her foot to the ceiling to begin with?

4. Wedding dress pics please!

5. Eli looks like such a little man with his hair like that! Too cute!!

Jennifer-Colley said...

After 2 c sections my tummy is like jello too!!!

Kelli said...

Love me some chocolate milk...but I don't drink it. Way too much sugar :/

The Jungs said...

Amanda, this is hysterical! And seriously, your pictures are incredible. How can I do that? I try and try, and even have a really good camera, but always end up frustrated. I especially love the one of Eli and the one of Meredith, they are SO GOOD!

The Milfords said...

Hi-lar-ious! You are awesome. When are we ever going to get to hang out with you guys? I'm tired of all this planning. Let's set a date already!

Looking Best for the Dress said...

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Yomaida said...

You make me laugh! I love your writing style and your boys....down right adorable. Way to go on your workouts!

Anonymous said...


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