Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything changes

This has been a crazy couple of weeks:

1. I started my summer graduate classes at Amberton. I'm taking Issues and Ethics on Tuesdays and I'm taking Research Methods online. After these two I will only have 18ish more hours left. Whoo hoo!

2. Eli turned 6 months old on June 18! He is now sitting up and loves to do so! Tummy time has once again become a complete disaster since as soon as you put him on his tummy he rolls over. :) He had his 6 month check up on Wednesday and he is a giant!

Head: 70th %
Weight: 21.5 lbs. (95%)
Length: 29" (above the 95%)

So, in 6 months he has tripled his weight and grown 10 inches. Wow. He is getting so big! Oh, and he's getting his first tooth! You can feel this really sharp white dot on his lower gum. Now, teething has not been too much fun. He handles it pretty well I think, but he has been more fussy than his normal chill self. I seriously can't believe how fast he is growing.

3. Wes let Jeff Johnson shave his head...

4. This was Wes' only week home for the summer so we kind of packed in a lot of stuff this week:

- my car battery died took it to get fixed
- my air conditioner vent broke and my hubcap came off... took it to get fixed (twice)
- I had class
- I had a homework session for my online class
- I got a hair cut
- Eli had a doctor's appointment
- Wes went and got his glasses
- Ebony had to go get her shots
- Pest Control sprayed our house
- Wes sold our broken lawnmower on Craigslist
- Wes sold a bunch of other stuff on Craigslist
- we had a date night and went to see Get Smart *loved it!*
- FedEx and UPS came to our house a total of 4 times this week and it was always during Eli's nap time
- Wes cut down this bush in our backyard
- Eli started eating rice with bananas for breakfast and we introduced him to carrots

5. oh, and I went to Austin with my parents because my dad might get a Superintendent job. But I did get to ride a mini scooter at my aunt's house! ha!

So... our lazy life of luxury week that we had planned did not happen. BUT we sure did get a lot done and that really does make you feel good. :)

The band sound checks for YEC tonight and they play tomorrow and then leave again on Monday!

Pictures to come :)


Catherine said...

FINALLY!! A new post!! I have missed you!! :) Eli is getting so big!! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Missie said...

Wow, busy family.
We get like that too, and then it calms down for a while.

The video is great!

A Mere Thought said...

Geez who are you!! saw 'get smart' and liked it...sick.

Eli is eating more food...where have I been??!