Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have officially entered a new little phase in Eli's life: the teething phase. I have many questions like, "how long does this last?" "how many teeth does he get?" "will he ever be the same again???", but really none of those answers will make this situation for him any easier. I just feel so bad for him! He has this one tiny white speck on his bottom gum and if you feel it, that tooth is razor sharp! And it's like he's trying to be upbeat about it (I'm his mom...I can tell! haha...) but he just gives in after a while and just has to cry. poor thing...
haha...getting this picture was really hard.
I promise there is a little white speck on the left side where his gum is a little red
But, it does seem like we are kind of more on a schedule now. And I didn't even read Baby Wise! ha! I'm sure that book has so many really awesome qualities in it and I just got too stubborn to read it. Actually now I'm more interested in reading it because I haven't been verbally assaulted with it in a long time. :) The reason why is (with NO exaggerations) almost every time I would talk to someone when Eli was a newborn they would say "you MUST read Baby Wise! you have to get him on a schedule right away!!" Well, I can usually handle unsolicited advice, but the Baby Wise cult was becoming too much for me. And it's a shame too because it's like with everything, it seems like only the fundamentalist Baby Wisers speak out and shove it down your throat. I know there are many responsible Baby Wisers out there that read the book, like the book, use the book, may even offer the book to someone if they are in need of help, but they don't attack people with the book. ok... stepping off my soap box... sorry about that.
Back to the "schedule" (please note that I'm just rounding off these times here) but so far today, this is how it's gone. I'll add more later so I can have some idea of our new "schedule". :)

Wake up time: 7:00 am
Breakfast: 7:30 am
Play time/walk: 7:45-9:50
Nap #1: 10:00-12:00
Lunch: 12:15


Missie said...

Hahaha... Don't worry about Baby Wise. We didn't read it either, and Lauren eventually put herself on her "own schedule." I think it all works out.
Good luck with teething! He will have a mouthful before you know it.
Love you!

Christine said...

And on the 8th day, God wrote "Baby Wise."

Oh ... wait ... NO HE DIDN'T!

He gave moms the amazing ability to dance through life with their children, and be in perfect tune with their babies.

Scootch off that soap box, chic, and make room for me! :)

Interestingly enough, in all of our RAD training we're going through, we've recently learned WHY most babies fall asleep after about 20 minutes of crying. It's around that time that their cortisol (stress) level peaks and their seratonin (calming) level bottoms out. Their survival mechanism kicks in, and they just shut down ... fall asleep.


That's also why children in orphanages eventually stop crying. They repeat that cycle over and over again, and soon stop crying out for their needs to be met ...

then they grow up with attachment disorders.

Double yikes!

Okay. I'm done now. Back to my day!

OH! And teething sucks.

Ashley McWhorter said...

Girl...we were meant to be long lost friends!!! I never read Baby Wise, and my girls are just fine and the happiest little girls I know. It just wasn't for our family (plus I was stubborn and just didn't want to give into it). Don't worry about it. He will put his own self on a time.

As for teething, use Tylenol and Teething Tablets. They work wonders (for Eli and you). :)

Hang in there. Hope your weekend was good!

Terroni said...

Funny, I was going to say, "You should ask Christine what she thinks about Baby Wise." :)

When I was teething, my grandpa rubbed whiskey on my gums "to numb them a little." He proclaimed it a success when I quit crying and started giggling for no reason. And occasionally falling over. So, you see, I can't give parenting advice. Not because I don't have children, but rather because no one is going to listen to a girl who's been drunk off and on since she cut her first tooth.

The Mellberg Family said...

My best advice is to keep him on drugs. My doc told me to use Motrin after 6 mo. it is a lot better and use the Orajel q-tip sticks so the little rascals bite it and not you. I think we are starting to teeth too. Let the fun begin.

The Milfords: said...

Ha ha! The Baby Wise cult was way too much for us too. Glad to know we aren't the only ones!

Oh and teething!! Man! That phase stinks! June has had a tough time, but you know what? Blair didn't. You never know what you are going to get. Good luck and remember the frozen corner of a washcloth is a good thing for those little gums.

A Mere Thought said...

I don't know anything about Baby Wise.

Eli is so great..even when he's teething!!

It's just me... said...

What the heck is Baby Wise? I'm with Terroni, my grandparents gave me whiskey through a broom straw when I was teething and when I had colic. It worked but I'm wondering if this "treatment" is to blame for my fondness for all things alcoholic...

The Wilsons said...
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The Wilsons said...

How funny! I LOVE your Babywise soapbox! Even though I am a Babywise mommy. (I hope I never overly encouraged you to invest in all 30 copies! Kidding!) I would not consider myself part of the "cult" of it all. I do tell other moms about it, only when they ask for help. But I definately don't thinks its a cure-all. I loved it just for the direction aspect for a new mom like myself who just needed to know where to start. Believe me, I know Babywisers who are a little severe with it! SCARY! How funny! Sounds to me like you have a great schedule going! It all works itself out. And as far as teething goes, Eli should be finished by middle school. :)