Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover...

...minus the extreme (smile) is what Wes and I are going to try to accomplish over the next 12 months. We decided to pick a project a month to tackle, which makes me laugh because we really aren't "project" people, but when we get obsessed about something we usually end up doing it.

There are several reasons we want to do this:
a) we've wanted to change things ever since we moved into this house and after 4 years, we figure we should probably do it
b) we know someday we'll outgrow this house and we'd like to fix some things while we're here so we'll love this house even more and so hopefully someone else will love it later
c) we love doing new things together and this seems fun to us
d) I get super annoyed at complainers (ahem... myself) when they complain about things and don't change them (I'm going to be a great counselor huh.. haha...)

So over the next 12 months we will be changing a room at a time. We/I decided to start with our bathroom (which Wes calls "my" bathroom since he usually uses the guest bath) because we haven't done anything to it since we've moved here except clean it and it needs some love. I made a list, which I LOVE to do, and by the end of August I will have a much improved place to stare at myself in the mirror and take baths! yay! Here are some before pictures:I love this house for so many reasons and I think the house is happy that we're going to tweak it here and there this year.

Oh. Did I not mention the Bodybugg yet? thanks Ashley for bringing that up! Well, I now wear a Bodybugg. When you explain to people what it is who have never heard of it, it sounds kind of lame. In fact, in reading the reviews online (written by people who have never owned one and therefore really shouldn't be reviewing it...) I stumbled across loads of hilarious negative comments such as "how fat do you have to be to have something count your calories for you". haha.. now that is super rude but funny.

The short of it is, it's a thing you wear that calculates the number of calories you burn at any given time so you can know how many calories you should eat in order to lose weight, or whatever program you choose when you sign up. It does several other things too, but that's the main thing. Obviously it is relatively easy to keep up with the amount of calories you are taking in, but kind of hard to figure out exactly how many calories you are burning off. So this takes the guess work out of everything. On my program I told it I want to lose 1.5 pounds per week, so it sets goals for you and if you meet those goals daily (or the big goal on average per week) then you'll lose the weight. And, so far, every single time I've met my weekly goal, I've lost my precious pound and a half. I absolutely LOVE this thing. I like to meet goals so this little device is perfect for me :)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Got it! Thanks for answering my question. Sounds amazing. Might have to try it after I drop the baby bump! :)


OH MY GOD I want a body bug!! Where did it come from?

Yomaida said...

I want one of those things. What do I do? Google Body Bug? Let me know! Thanks.

The Mellberg Family said...

Oh, I need one of those things. Google here I come.

The Milfords: said...

Do they make them for house keeping goals, laundry goals, weeding goals, or drinking less Dr. Pepper goals?

Oh and I can't wait to see the new bath. I have been doing the same thing for a little over a year now. Started with a house that had all walls colored "builders primer" (doesn't that scream home and romance?) and now I am down to one room being painted (our bedroom/bath). I am currently working on the playroom. Maybe one day I will get it all done and get those before and after pictures up.

Do they make a Bodybugg to help with that goal?