Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Giving birth to a giant

So, I realize that Eli is a big kid. He's 7 1/2 months old, weighs 23.2 lbs., and a little over 30 inches long. Yes. A giant. Now, there really isn't anything wrong with that, it's just that people have expectations of kids that look like they are 10 years old (kidding). We are definitely into the well meaning stranger world of "is he walking" "does he talk yet" "can he eat this chip" "shouldn't he be crawling by now" "can he wave, no?, shouldn't he be able to wave by now"

The answer to all of those questions is NO. or I don't know.

For all of my friends and family that ask questions, bring them on! I know that all of my friends and family love me and love Eli and are just wanting to know to keep up with us. But to the random people on the street that entice you in by saying "oh what a cute baby!" and then jab you with their seemingly harmless questions but followed by their looks of horror when your answer is no, could you please give me a break? can you tell I've had a lot of that lately? :)

I finally got to see my sweet friend Anna from college. I missed her wedding and still hate that I couldn't have been there due to getting sick and a doctor telling me I was contagious and they don't want me at the wedding... haha... so, I didn't go. But, she and her husband came in town and we met them at Cheddar's for lunch! Her husband Ryan is just SO nice and absolutely perfect for Anna. I love seeing friends! We got into a fight with the lighting in Cheddar's. Anna won and I lost. haha...

So I've been really trying to work on my selfishness/pride/ego lately. I have this overwhelming sense that I can do everything for Eli better than everyone else and truly, it's disgusting. Leave it to God to continue to bless our family even when I think I am almighty and to use His gifts to knock me to the ground. He gives so much to us and humbles me and makes me step way back to see that my selfishness/pride/ego has got to go. I've moved from "I need to work on that" to actually working on it, which is always a good thing. :)

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that Wes is in a band, Jeff Johnson. We recently got some news that literally makes us want to cry (in a good way) and would just be another huge blessing in our lives. When we find out that it is for sure, I'll let you know.

In other news, I am SO excited about this upcoming school year! I feel no stress, no tension, no worries, and no sorrow for going back to work. I got my schedule and I'll be teaching AP Psychology from 9:00-11:32 (which is 3 classes) and then I'll be on conference from 11:32-12:32 and then I GO HOME! Can you believe that?? wow. I still can't stop smiling every time I think about it. And with Wes probably traveling more and more this year, that just makes things for our family a lot easier.

Ok- I have to go to Ethics class. I've been reading, outlining, and making note cards on one chapter each day up until the test (next Tuesday). remember... I seriously MUST make a 100 on my tests! yikes! I'll leave you with one more picture of the sleeping giant. (World War II reference anyone?)


Anonymous said...

your sleeping giant is precious! thanks for the sweet message on my blog AND for the happy dance! i appreciate every celebration! i loved looking at your london photos!

Whitney said...

Oh I am so jealous of your schedule! That will be great! I think Eli is perfect in every way and I really wish you'd bring him to me so I can see him. Or, wait, I guess I could come see you too! Either way, I miss you!

lkalivoda said...

hi, my name is Lacye and i came across your blog through a friend of mine...i have an almost 7 month old that weighs 24 pounds and is 27inches long (estimated...we go to the dr again next week and we'll know for sure then)
the whole reason i am writing you is because i can totally relate to your frustration from strangers comments on our precious sons!! yes, they are big boys...but they are Healthy boys! i get so tired of people telling me "well, i guess he doesnt miss a meal"
or why is he so big....i just wish some people would keep their negative comments to themselves!!!
anywho...sorry, i'm a stranger talking to you as well...but i think your son is precious and you can feel the love you have for your son in every word you type!!!

The Milfords: said...

I cannot believe how big he is! That's awesome! Well, awesome in the sense that he is big at 7 months, not awesome in the sense of giving birth to a giant. That would be painful (or painfuler-est). We really need to get together with you guys. We were in Dallas this past weekend and almost called. Are you guys last minute kind of people or do we need to plan this in advance? :)

Terroni said...

Does he have a job yet?
Shouldn't he have a job by now?

Ashley McWhorter said...

Eli is precious! Wish I could "meet" you at Chedder's. Maybe one of these days. :)

Oh...funny, random question...what is that arm band that you are wearing in all of your pictures?

Oh...so happy for your new schedule. How Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yomaida said...

Awe! He looks absolutely adorable to me! He is bigger than my 13 month old but, no worries.:-) He is a cutie! I am happy you are ready for school. I teach kindergarten and am on the fence. It was so nice to have QT time with my kids. :-)

Taren said...

That is so funny about what you just wrote because I feel the same way...about my baby being huge! I haven't got the questions yet but I'm sure they will be coming. She is 3 months old and is around 16 pds and is in the 95th percentile for weight and height! Oh well...they are just some healthy babies! He is precious!

sarahdodson said...

well-meaning strangers. gotta love 'em. people DO ask some very interesting/personal questions sometimes.

I'm sure babies talk at SEVEN months. ha! Although my son does make some pretty interesting noises...

I'm so happy that you have such a great schedule. yay!

penny said...

My name is Penny and I came across your blog from other blogs...you know how that goes! But, I have met your husband on several occasions because of JJB.

Also a mother of TWO large babies I know how you feel about the comments! Sometimes they can be hurtful and you question your parental skills!! My son took his first steps at the age of 16 months! I always got the "He's not walking yet?" "Why isn't he walking, it's probably because he's so big!" And on, and on, and on!

I can tell you are a great mother and he seems like such a sweet baby!