Monday, March 16, 2009

Cotton Candy Day

Today is a cotton candy day. I love cotton candy. I seriously could eat that stuff almost all day long! It's fluffy, it's fun, it's magical (I mean, sugar + air + swirl = cottony goodness!), and you can't get enough of it. That's kind of how I see today. Y'all it is beyond beautiful outside. Eli and I spent the morning with Sarah and some of her neighborhood buddies at the Arboretum. You give me a free pass somewhere and I will use it! It was crazy crowded out there but the Arboretum is huge so there was still plenty of room for the kids to run around! 

It was kind of cold in the morning but then by noon it was nice and warm and fantastic! Wes came and picked me up not too long after that so we could grab some lunch and get Eli home for a nap. I'm sure we'll take him to the park or something later on because when you get a cotton candy day, you cannot stay indoors!

Now, I love my camera. It's taken some great pictures for me, but it's broken as I've mentioned to where I cannot see what I'm taking pictures of. Sometimes that works out ok and I still get a cute shot, but sometimes I get this: 

Sorry Wes. I must have zoomed in at some point (why... I have no idea. I literally cannot see anything I'm trying to take a picture of) and not zoomed back out when I was taking some pics of Eli watching Wes rehearse. So... I guess I need to use some of my time this week and take it to a camera repair shop to get an estimate. ugh. 

I am loving this week already. Thank you Spring Break for being so wonderful.

On another great note, I got to see my dear friend Rosa last night at church! I was walking towards the back to meet Jouleen's dad and I was kind of scanning the crowd and I see Rosa sitting there, with her beautiful smiling face and everything! I think I may have even pushed some people out of my way to get to her! (kidding... I think) We only were able to speak for a minute but we will have to catch up soon!


sarahdodson said...

Cotton candy IS yummy. Today was beautiful! We were able to take a walk together as a family. Loved it! Hope you enjoy your spring break.

The second picture is super cute. I love the angle and everything about it:)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh...Cotton Candy is my FAVORITE!!! I wish we could played with y'all. So fun!!!! Have a wonderful Spring Break!!!

Stacey said...

Eli is so cute! Glad your enjoying your break!

mhuffman said...

It looks absolutely beautiful there! We definitely aren't getting as nice of weather up here in WA, but I am looking forward to it.

CC said...

You are on spring break? I'm almost there.... just a few days.... ;)

Rosa said...

OMG! I am famous!! It was great seeing you :)

Eryn Mikel said...

Ditto on the cotton candy love