Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The smell of rain

As I sit here and type I can smell and hear the rain! (I can also hear my son screaming in his crib... which... isn't so pleasant...) And I'm thankful for the rain for many reasons but mainly because I was slacking on watering my baby flowers in the front yard and now they are getting a nice drink!

ok... I'll be right back. I can't focus with Eli crying. 

grr... this wretched daylight savings time!! It might as well be bright as day in his room! We are definitely fixing that before tomorrow night. Poor thing... 

Ok y'all. I got my report card from my graduate school and I got all A's! yay!! Too bad I wasn't this good of a student in high school and college! So next week I start my pre-practicum class, but since I have already passed the test I just have to do some case studies and then I can start logging hours for practicum! I will graduate in August! Yes!!

It has been so beautiful outside lately! We have loved playing around at different parks, which is actually the reason I haven't been blogging on this site much lately. I kind of feel like I'm cheating on this blog due to this "great idea" I have for a website I'm starting. More on that when I have something...

I finally used my mani/pedi gift certificate that Jeff got the girls for Christmas! Thanks Jeffy! Jouleen and I went yesterday and it was so awesome! sorry for the randomness of the photos... the screen on my camera is still broken so we can't see what we are taking a picture of!

The "baby-ness" of my son is basically gone... which makes me question why he is still getting a bottle and paci in bed!? (sigh...) I'm gearing up for that battle ahem, right honey?? He pretty much understands everything we say to him. He is full of opinions which he expresses with his own little jibberish language. He's still not saying that many words and he's becoming less interested in books. He used to want to look at every page and now he'll bring over 4 or 5 and he might look at two pages each! 

He's getting taller. He's getting cuter! If that is even possible... And he's just getting to be so big. Now the hitting has stopped thank goodness, due to me thumping his hand when he would hit me. He does still turn into a werewolf (spelling anyone?) when he gets tired and the one year old violence ensues, but we just put him to bed and he's fine. I just still stare at him as much as possible. I love looking at him. He is incredible.

My dad and I went to the henna ceremony of one of our former students on Sunday night. I had never been to one before and Fatima looked SO beautiful! Her wedding is tomorrow and I so wish I could be there but I can't! :( She graduated last year and she is marrying a guy that was arranged for her by their families. Apparently he's a really great guy! He's tall, cute, some sort of doctor, but they move to London where he lives at the end of the month. It will be so sad not to have her around... but there is always facebook! :)


The Mellberg Family said...

Congrats on all A's. I know that was stressful. Eli is such a cutie.

It is strange that in modern times someone can be on Facebook but still have an arranged marriage.

lkalivoda said...

oh my goodness amanda, Eli is so stinkin cute!!!
no, you didnt miss a post about the park incident...i just posted about it today!!
how is the house selling going???

☆Susan☆ said...

Oh my gosh that first picture is so cute!!! Mr. Trujillo asked about you today.

CC said...

It is bitter-sweet when the baby is gone :(

Love the flower pictures.

and a henna ceremony sounds so cool! Never been to one.