Monday, June 29, 2009

18 month check up

Today was Dr. visit day! I loved this one though because no shots were involved. It did kind of freak me out though because his next visit is his 2 year. We went ahead and scheduled it and I remember thinking, "oh my gosh... by his 2 year we will have another baby!" AAGGHHH!! (sigh) Surely we can do that, right?! :)

He remains on the growth plan he has from the beginning! He's 29 pounds and 34 inches tall! A big boy!! 

I love going to those appointments because I always feel some sense of accomplishment because he always can do all the things on those checklists. He's a healthy happy baby... well... not a baby (waaahhh!!) but toddler. Gosh. He is incredible. 

This stage is really fun though because he knows how to make me laugh. He's totally picked up on all the things that I think are funny so he spends plenty of time trying to entertain me! haha.. I love it!

In other news... have I mentioned that my dad is in Boston? My mom and sister are in Spain with my brother, and will be returning to London tomorrow. Wes is gone. And I am here... Now I, like most people I think, am definitely not meant to spend that much time alone. Eli definitely fills the time, but part of my love language is to have quality time socially. Going days and days without someone hugging me or rubbing my back or anything like that basically sucks the life out of me. I start feeling sad and depressed like. I not only want and crave some serious friend/family time, I truly need it. That's the worst thing about this point of the summer. People are busy, people are gone... it's just hard. 

I had a slight emotional breakdown this weekend. :) I'm just not one of those people who enjoys this much time without hanging out for a substantial amount of time. After this week is over we'll get to have a family vacation which I am just aching for. Three days of nothing but people!!! I cannot wait. 

Tonight Meredith is coming over to stay (thank you Jesus!!) and tomorrow we're taking a day trip to Athens to visit Rachel and Ellie! (Eli's betrothed) Other things are happening this week so I've pretty much filled up my week. And I get to do it all with Eli, which I also love because he is so great and makes things so much fun!

Grease 2 is on. I must go watch!


Catherine said...

you could call up an old friend for a lunch date once in a while!! miss you, friend!!

Jennifer-Colley said...

I am totally with you! Even though Coby is not gone gone, he has been working really late hours! Come to Lubbock and visit us!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a healthy toddler! I had the biggest smile reading about Eli trying to make you laugh! How sweet!

Penny Rodgers said...

Hooray! ...for NO SHOTS!!

Boo! :( being alone (I hate that also, I'm a people person)

Eli and Ellie! it!!

Good to see you this weekend also! Maybe some day we'll get to sit and talk a little longer than 2 minutes and w/out loud music!!

Shaunna said...

Sounds like Eli is in such a super sweet stage...Awww!!

And he is a BIG boy- Wow! Always such a blessing to get a good report from the doctor!

Hope this week goes by fast!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

OK. So if I lived close enough, I would SO be driving to your house to spend the night with you and crash your slumber party. Also, I told you that you and Eli could have driven to The Woodlands. We could have had a slumber party here. For real!!!!

Amanda said...

I totally understand. Staying home was such an adjustment because I loved, in addition to just teaching, how social school was. I still miss contact with the outside world from time to time! lol
Eli is growing up so fast...Camden's just a month behind. So hard to believe they're no longer babies but toddlers! :)