Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My nose is a little too awesome

So tonight was the night Eli and I planned to leave camp and drive home. Remember... I loathe I-35 and driving that far with Eli alone during the day. Wes and I get everything packed up, loaded in the car (thanks band for helping out!) and we left after we listened to them play for awhile... around 8:00. 

We're an hour past Eli's bed time, which who knows when that even is since he slept for 4 hours today!!!! But, I knew he'd get tired eventually... my plan in action! So, we'd been driving for about 20 minutes and he starts crying and saying "down! down! down!" and I start thinking... oh no... is he not tired? He already wants out of the car?? Well then his face gets really red and obviously he is having a little poopy action. No problem! Let's get this over with now while it's daylight still! We pull over at a nice little Wendy's, change the diaper, get back in the car, on the road. Eli is doing great!

The sun goes down, Eli starts getting really tired and is getting a little fussy. He starts saying "dadda! night night! dadda! night night!" which is crazy sweet since he's obviously thinking about Wes but so sad because I know he already misses him! I sing him a few of his favorite songs, tell him I love him, and put my hand on his leg. As soon as our skin meets his eyelids drop and he's out!

Not too long after that I could swear that I still smell that poopy diaper! I keep running the thoughts through my head: I clean him off. I threw it away. I washed my hands. I washed his hands. WHERE IS THAT SMELL COMING FROM? I truly had myself convinced that I must be by these ninja cow pastures that were smelling up all of Texas! 

Every once in awhile I would smell my hand. My arm. My shirt. Nothing. All clean. 

We arrived home, Eli is completely knocked out sleeping, and I smell it even stronger. He had another poopy diaper! And I made him sit in it! For like 2 hours!!! No wonder he was having trouble sleeping! uggghhhh...... I quickly got him out, changed his diaper, told him I was sorry like a million times, and put him to bed. (all while he was sleeping I might add) I love that kid. 

Home sweet home. :)

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sarahdodson said...

What a great story :) You are a sweet mommy to him. Glad you made it home safely.