Monday, January 25, 2010

One more week

Well, my internet is back! hooray! I love it when Verizon tells me to use their website for troubleshooting and I can't get to the website because my internet was down! (sigh) But, we're back in business!

So on Wednesday, Judah is going to be 8 weeks old. I'm not counting him 2 months old until his official February 2 two month old birthday. I absolutely think things are flying by with Judah so much faster than they did with Eli. I look at him and just can't even believe that he has grown so much! He still only smiles at the fan every once in awhile BUT today I got a big ole smile right at ME! It just melts my heart!

Judah is so good at tummy time. He will stay down there a long time as long as that paci is close by. :) Lately he's been napping on his tummy under my watchful eye. I probably am annoying him beyond belief because I check on him like every 5 minutes!

Eli is of course growing like crazy and we are loving it! He is talking a lot... A LOT!! And I'm pretty amazed every day that he picks up on stuff as fast as he does! We're leading him out of his baby talk words like "yo yo" for "yogurt" and "atch" for "applesauce" and getting him to say the actual words. We kind of hesitate before we ask him to say the full word because it's just one more reminder that he is growing up. He is so precious. :)

So I have one more week here at home before I go back to work. I'm not really letting my mind go there completely yet, but I will say only working 1/2 a day is already making it much better for my mental preparation. I won't be gone too long and I'm looking forward to seeing my students and my coworkers! ...but my heart still breaks thinking of being gone from the boys again. Wait! I'm not going there yet! ...moving on...

I have more to discuss but my oldest child has been talking in his crib after his nap and it's getting into that high pitched squeal voice which means he is beyond ready to get up! ha! I'll be back tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

Eli looks so big next to those other kids in the last picture!

The Mellberg Family said...

It does go so much fast with the second. I don't know if it is because you know what to except or because you are so busy with a toddler now. Baylor will be 2 next week. I miss my babies terribly. Enjoy these days.