Sunday, January 10, 2010

:) times 2!

aaahhh!! What a great day! Does it matter that I was spit up on 4 times? NO! Does it matter that I still smell like spit up after repeated attempts to find where it's coming from? NO! Why? Because...

Judah smiled today! REAL smiles! Two of them! Melt my heart! He is fantastic... I love seeing all of his little firsts!

On top of that I just saw that 3 of my sweet friends, Caanon , Jamie , and Eryn , are all pregnant with their second babies! I am overjoyed for them and their growing new additions, but it's also really a selfish happiness for me as well. Honestly, sometimes Wes and I feel kind of out of place. We don't have that many friends who are married with kids, much less two of them now. Obviously everyone's life plays out in it's own way, but it really does make me feel a little bit more normal to know that other people out there are doing the same thing. Does that make any sense? Anyways, congratulations girls! We are all so excited for you!


sarahdodson said...

What a sweet mommy you are! I absolutely LOVE baby smiles :o)))

Jamie said...

Yay for Judah's smiles!! Thanks for being excited for us, your friends. I totally understand the comment about feeling a little more normal. My Wilshire girls are SO far from thinking about having children and I have an almost 4 year old and I'm pregnant again. HA! That is totally foreign to them. But I thank God for the life He's chosen for me. Each new day brings a new adventure.