Monday, October 29, 2007


Well a lot happened this past weekend! I am now 31 weeks along (YIKES!!) and I got to finally see one of my best friends Rachel who is also pregnant! Their band, Branch, was in town last night for a concert and it was so much fun! I have some pictures for you of course. And I don't have a staged 31 weeks photo but you can kind of see the giant I am becoming in one of these pics! Don't be scared...

Mere, Me, and Rach!'s the scary side view...

Steven and Wes...future daddies!

That's right...we are BOTH pregnant!

I love you Rachy!

Part of the ole HSU crew!

We made sure and take doubles so we could mark this historic event that we all actually hung out together even though we live in the same area!


Missie said...

I love the pictures! Great great great! Does Rachel have a baby bump yet?

GloryandGrace said...

Happy Week 33!!