Monday, October 8, 2007

Hiccups in the Womb

Bright and early about 6 am, Eli was having the hiccups! At first I was like, "what is going on?" It felt like I was feeling my heartbeat almost but in my stomach. I found my pulse and felt my stomach and they weren't a match. So, I did all my "research" and apparently Eli was having the hiccups! How cute! How weird... but how cute! :)

Yesterday my sweet friend Rachel gave birth to another baby boy, Davyn. I went to the hospital to see her and held him. I mean, I kept looking at him thinking, you came out of your mother about 7 hours ago! It was just the most surreal feeling thinking that way. His skin was like extra soft and his cry was really almost funny! Poor guy having to be poked and prodded and having no idea what is going on...haha... I was there when he had his first poop and pee! It was very exciting. :) Dusty, Rachel's husband was trying to wipe off that sick first poopage and it was exactly everyone describes it.... TAR. yuck. Davyn screamed the whole time and it was just absolutely precious.

Rachel of course looks fantastic. I was like, "Rach! Couldn't you have like roughed yourself up a bit so I wouldn't have so much to live up to..." Her platelet count was too low again, like when she had Jabyn, so no epidural for Rachel...again. And she looked amazing! I'll try to steal some pictures from Meredith to show you how dang cute this kid is!


Christine said...

I didn't know that babes with reflux tend to have the hiccups A LOT in the womb. Mackenzie had them ALL. THE. TIME! Sometimes four long bouts a day. They'd wake me up during the night, etc.

It was cute at first, but then after several weeks, it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. ha! ha! I kept yelling "Boo!" at my belly, but that didn't seem to work.

Christine said...

Maybe I should have tried some garlic.

Hmmmmm ....

Susanlee said...