Sunday, October 14, 2007

For my sweet friend Susan

Here are my answers to some questions my friend Susan was thinking of:

1.'d ya meet? One of my best friends, Rachel, asked me to go to this concert in Lubbock called Hot Hearts because her boyfriend (now husband) was playing and because my sister would be there. Well, Wes (my husband- that you have to read what he did for me in the post below!) was in the same band as Steven (Rachel's husband) so we were introduced. There were no sparks, no fireworks, just an introduction. I was attracted to him because he's physically my "type" meaning tall and thin, but it's not like I was falling all over him. And he definitely wasn't falling all over me. :)

2. How long did you date before you slept together? We didn't sleep together until our Honeymoon night. So...I guess that would be like 17 months-ish?

3. How long before you became engaged? We became engaged 6 months after we met. Remember that initial "no sparks" meeting? Well, later on he asks for my number, I told him to get it from Steven, he did, he called...and well, after a while we realized that we were perfect for each other!

4. Did you live together at any point before you tied the knot? no

5. Whether you did or didn't, how do you think this affected your relationship? Well neither of us really had this overwhelming desire to immediately move in together. We both felt from a traditional Biblical standpoint and from a psychological standpoint that really wasn't an option we cared to follow. I was finishing up my senior year in college, he was traveling all the time (like he does now) and then I moved to Levelland the summer I graduated to get the wedding planned. Don't get me wrong, we wanted to be together, but I guess since it really wasn't ever an option for us, it wasn't really discussed. I think it affected us in a good way. We both were on the same page, so it wasn't like a stress in that aspect. It gave us time to really have fun dating and being with our friends and family separately and together. I guess we didn't know how each other would be fully once we were married, but that to us just seemed part of the excitement. And, no matter how were were going to be when we lived together, we are in this forever, and that's the decision we made when we decided to get married.

6. How long was your engagement? Our engagement was 11 months! At first we both wanted to get married in March after getting engaged in August. Well, I talked to my family a lot about it and my parents both felt it would be better to get married in the summer, after graduation. Everything in me wanted to rebel against them, but then I felt like I was acting like a snotty 14 year old brat, so I took some time to think it over, prayed about it, and decided to go with their wisdom. Like it or not, my parents are usually right when it comes to these things. I was actually nervous when I was going to tell Wes I thought we should move it to the summer, but when I did he was like "GREAT! That will work out better for all of us!" So, I was happy. And it did work out better for all of us. :)

7. After you got married, were you surprised by anything that your new husband/wife did? Hmm...I'm trying to think. I know we didn't live together before but it's not hard to figure out how they are going to be. We'd spent a lot of time together at my apartment and at his house...surely there was something. It did surprise me that he wasn't that big of a TV watcher. It surprised me how many times a day he checked his email. It surprised me that he could sleep in so late (due to him staying up so late). But he's really clean and does his own laundry, and all this other stuff, so I'm sure he was much more surprised by me! haha...

8. Have you had or do you want to have kids? How many? Well, I am pregnant right now! So, we are currently experiencing changes with little Eli inside me, but I'm sure a whole lot more will change in December when he is OUT! We both wanted kids eventually. When we first got married we were like "in 8 years (which is when I would be 30) we'll have kids." But now, I'm 25 and we're having a baby! I probably want at least 3 kids. Wes could probably be ok with 2, but I think that's because that's how we both grew up. I know when the kids are little they might be slightly annoying, but I just love having siblings and so does Wes, so we definitely want more than one. And I honestly think that having children/adopting children is one of the reasons we were created, so I'm just doing my part..hahaha....


Susanlee said...

Thank you so much for doing this for me!

GloryandGrace said...

How sweet to read after reading about all he did for you over the weekend! Can I tag myself to answer your questions??? :)