Saturday, October 13, 2007

Words cannot express...

I can't even tell you how long today has been. I was up at school at 8:45 getting things prepared for dance decorations. We got everything decorated and I left at 2:15ish to come home, eat, take a nap, shower, and be back up at school at 6:00 to let the DJ in...which is a whole other story that I won't get into right now so I won't be in a bad mood.

When I got home from decorating, my feet were so swollen and my back hurt so bad. My gorgeous husband was working in the yard and selling random things on Craigslist all day, so I felt bad for not helping him.

So I showered, went back up to school by 6:00 so I could get stuff finalized for the dance. My feet of course were killing me, as well as my back, but that's the life of a third trimester preggo I guess :) Anyways, I finally sat down with my sweet teacher friend Gloria around 8:45. We just were sitting and chatting, and I was loving being off my feet! All of a sudden, Mr. Brown, my principal, comes over to me and tells me that he would feel a lot better if I just went home. He knew I'd been up there all day and felt like I should probably take it easier tonight. First of all, I almost started crying because I thought that was so sweet of him, but then I felt guilty because that would be leaving Ashley up there to coordinate all the tear down by herself. Anyways, as it turns out, she was totally fine with it, and now I'm home. Thank you Mr. Brown and thank you Ashley!

When I got home, this is what I saw:

My husband, who I ADORE, had bought me these gorgeous flowers, cookies, sudoku, strawberry fruit rollups, the Jungle Book on DVD and a maternity massage. I, of course, immediately start crying because I just cannot express how blessed I felt at that moment. I mean, this man has been working nonstop all day long, painting, mowing, fertilizing, selling, and so much more, and at the end of the day, he's still thinking of me. That is love.

Then he shows me the refrigerator:

He put all the stuff that I drink and eat on the middle and top shelf so I wouldn't have to bend all the way over to get stuff out! I mean, isn't that SO thoughtful?? For an aching back, that is like a slice of heaven. For a pregnant wife, that is just one of the best gifts I have ever received. I love my husband so much. These things, he does these things all the time for me. How in the world did I get him??!



Chelsey's Chatter said...

This story just makes me SICK! Sick with jealousy of course ;0) You must be an amazing woman (which I know you are)to have a man THAT amazing to love you! I'm just praying that there are still a couple more like him left out there! :0)

Susanlee said...

This is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I'm almost in tears at the complete and total gooshiness of it. Lucky, lucky totally deserve it.

A Mere Thought said...

I need to get me one of those.

under the Eagle's wings said...

that is so ADORABLE!!! you are so lucky to have a guy like that. too cute!