Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today Gigi and Gramps (my parents) came over to my house to visit Eli! I am so thankful to have my sweet parents so close. I know that Wes' parents wish they lived closer and so do we!

Not too much to say today, but I have to get some pics up here so Wes can see his son every day! :) Thanks Kelli for the super cute outfit!!

Gigi and Eli after bathtime!

haha...the most precious sweater and matching hat!

my son's favorite thing to look at is the fan :)

so sweet...

love those smiles!

he's getting so big!!

kind of hard to take a picture of yourself and a bobblehead :)

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the walkers said...

it must be a boy thing...levi loves the ceiling fan too. that's the only way i can get him to be still now to change his diaper :) eli is so cute in that sweater/hat combo! if yall are ever in lubbock let us know! we would love to meet eli and we only live 2 blocks from the colleys! it could work!