Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sneaky sneaky stretch marks

Not that it truly matters at all about stretch marks, because honestly, no one is actually checking you out like you think they are when you are in a bathing suit. BUT! I would at least like my stretch marks to accurately represent themselves!

I didn't get too many of them when I was pregnant. There are some reddish little lines on my love handles (which is the most ridiculous name...haha...) and I thought that was all. WRONG! As I am ever ever so slowly starting to lose this weight, I am now seeing there were ninja stretch marks on my stomach! They have been in hiding this whole time! Thanks a lot ninja stretch marks...like I need anything else to be body conscious about. :)

Anyways, to a sadder topic. Wes and the band start their 14 day tour this Friday. He'll be gone for 2 weeks straight! When he comes home, they will be here for about 3-4 days and then leave again for another 2 weeks. Wes won't be traveling with them that entire second 2 weeks though. Mainly because they set this tour up themselves and there are some days where they will get full pay (which he will be at) and then love offerings the rest of the days. We just can't afford to pay someone unless he's getting a full day's pay, so he is making the sacrifice to just go part of the time with the band on that second run. But I am so proud of them! They are working so hard to get their name out there more, and I know they will be rewarded for it in the end! So please be praying for Jeff Johnson, the band, and me and Eli while Wes is gone!

Here is the band minus Jeff...he was talking to people so I just took it without him :)
Steve (guitar), Jimmy (bass), Wes (guitar), Jason (drums)

Church was really good on Sunday. Eli and I don't actually get to be in there for the music portion because it is way too loud for him! I need to get some of those ear plugs like Gwen Stefani has for her son! So, we sit out in the foyer and we can see and hear the sermon from the screens out there. Anyways, the band kind of introduced themselves to the chapel service they play at, and I think it went great! Any time you feel more connected to the people that you are with on a weekly basis, everything just seems to go better!

Here are some cute pics from church: Oh! And we also ate at a new place for us (thanks to Meredith) called Ozona and it was yummy! We did happen to have to wait 30 extra minutes due to the fact that I had no idea how that place worked! We called in our name at church, they took my cell phone number, we arrived, checked in, and waited. Well apparently they call your cell phone to tell you the table is ready, even if you check in... they called at 1:01 and 1:02. Mere went and checked the list at 1:36 and they said they had been calling us. Geez... sorry guys. Now we know :)


Jennifer-Colley said...

You are a very supportive wife! Coby was only gone for 10 days and then he will be home for good! I dont even have a baby and I hate it when he is gone. I will be praying for you and Eli for sure. Too bad we dont live in the same town or I would def come and hang out with you!

Missie said...

You will do great, and I will pray that Eli will sleep A LOT for you!
And, I love the new pictures!

A Mere Thought said...

I will meet you in plano everyday next week if you want!! :)

Ha ha ha....in that pic, my hang looks freakishly huge.

Ashley said...

We just found your blog through a mutual friend and Mr. Eli is beautiful! We are so excited for you and Wes!

The Mellberg Family said...

I completely understand, Dusty is working out of town all the time, he has been gone all this week, it's so hard when they're gone. I feel more sorry for them, I know they would like to be at home with they're families. Hopefully time will fly by.

john said...

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