Friday, December 26, 2008

Catch up

Eli met Santa

We took Eli to see Santa at the Gaylord Texan. It was SO fun and he loved it!! He did so good! I know the picture lady was just trying to get the stock "smiling facing forward" picture but there were so many cute ones that she missed! Like Eli pointing at Santa and smiling or sitting in his lap and just looking up at him like he was a giant toy. She only took three pictures and didn't get the best shot, but it's ok. He had such a fun time! Yay for Santa!

Whole milk and Facing forward

Yes, Eli is drinking the real deal now. I put it in his bottle (which we're trying to get off of by the way... we found those Nuby sippy cups that have the spout the same texture as a bottle nipple for transition. love them!!) and he took a drink, looked at it, looked at me, and then kept on drinking! so sweet... and we were finally able to turn his seat around. Thank goodness because his long legs were all crunched up against the seat the other way! So... he's really one now. I have to believe it. 

Master Jennifer

My sweet friend Jennifer (who starter her Master's after me... ahem...) graduated with her Master's to be a Diagnostician. We couldn't make it to her actual ceremony, so Sarah had the idea to throw her a celebration dinner! I said great, I'll bring the salad and cake (which turned out to be pie) and you do everything else. Perfect! So, we did that and had so much fun! Sarah's daughter (who is 2 by the way) took pictures of us and they are really good!! impressed? Congratulations Jennifer!! We are so proud of you!


CC said...

What a great brave boy for posing with Santa like that!

and we did a gradual transition to milk, but my son loved it! Daughter...well... she never liked to drink anything. could be why she is so skinny!

Wes Martin said...

I LOVE YOU!!! :)

☆Susan☆ said...

Oh my gosh! His legs really are long! Supermodel Eli?

Jennifer said...

Yeah!!! Loved the Nuby's cups! They are wonderful. Just watch to make sure he doesn't start chewing holes in them. EK started doing that after she had had them for about 6 months, which by that time she was ready for the different sippy cups.

sarahjane said...

yeah! We made the blog!!! I had soo much fun with you but Sydney missed Eli:( I know he was busy bonging milk until he was sick and couldnt make it:) Let's get the kids together maybe Friday??