Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"You know I'm going to blog this"

Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is stuck in the bathroom stall, without toilet paper, and begging the lady next to her for even one square or one ply of a two ply square and the lady wouldn't give it to her.

Although I've been in that embarrassing situation before, that's not what happened today.

Today Wes and I took Eli to the doctor (more on that in a second) and afterwards went to Linen N Things to check out their going out of business
 sale. I've been wanting these certain kind of white sheets that are the softest I have ever felt but they only had a California king size :( Anyways... afterwards Wes wanted to stop by Taco Bueno for some food. He orders his favorite, a muchaco and a party burrito. They give us our food and Wes is extremely excited about his muchaco. It was steaming hot, just the way he wants it, and he was very ready to eat it up! Ok... now, I do know that asking someone for a bite is sort of annoying. But have you ever seen a muchaco? They aren't small! right?? So I asked him for a bite. 

He said "no." 

I said, "what?!" 

He said, "no."

I said, "Can you spare on bite? Even ONE bite?"

He said, "no." 

I said, "Half a bite?? A really small bite???" 

He said, "no, if this was any regular ole muchaco I would say yes, but this is the perfect muchaco." 

I said, "you know I'm going to blog this." 

hahaha... he later offered me a bite, but I said "no." women...

Ok, so I've mentioned that Eli has had a cold for the last week. Well today I just couldn't stand it anymore and took him to the doctor. They came in, swabbed his nose to test for RSV and then our doctor came in and chatted with us. His ears are great, his lungs sound good, but he did test positive for RSV. My heart sank. She basically said right now, we just have to continue to bulb his nose, listen to his breathing and his chest and watch it to see if it spreads to his lungs. It makes me sick. I hate this. Please say prayers that this doesn't spread and that this will just go away. I hate this.


Wes Martin said...


Yomaida said...

Haven't read...but going to.... I had to say LOVE the beautiful picture of you two!!!!So DARN cute!

Yomaida said... that I have read! You are too funny. Should I read your honey's version? AND Eli is definitely in my prayers. Poor little guy.

Missie said...

I love you, Amanda Martin! You are just too much for me!

And sweet Eli, we'll be praying for him. Hope he gets well soon! Love you!

Missie said...

oh, PS. I have to go with Wes on this one. I LOVE Taco Bueno too! And, since we don't have one close to us in SA... when I do get it, not even sweet Lauren, gets any of my tacos. Hahahaha.. oh, the crazy things Bueno does to us.

Catherine said...

OMG! Makayla had the EXACT same thing last year! An icky cold and a positive RSV test! Scary! She got an ear infection from it, but we kept her humidifier on and put vapor rub on her feet (seriously works, we do it every time she gets a runny nose, a stuffy nose, a cough, WHATEVER!( before bed and she still slept well and got better eventually!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

I love that episode!

sarahjane said...

Oh no! Poor little Eli!

hey, you cant have me laughing and sad in the same blog. It confuses my brain:)

Amanda said...

Poor Eli!
He's defiantly in my prayers.

I've never had a muchaco...If Brian ordered one I would ask for a bite too! Too funny! :)

Laurie said...

What a great story! My hubby and I love Buenno and often comment that they have perfect Coke. He doesn't like to share his food with me either, so... MEN! :)

Sorry your son is sick, hope he gets to feeling better.

I found you via feedjit btw.

★Susan★ said...

First of all, poor Eli! And poor you! There's nothing sadder than a sicky baby! Moving on, I'm not a food sharer, so I understand where Wes is coming from. However, I get really, really mad when it goes in the other direction. Justin learned the hard way that it's a HUGE mistake to tell me no.

Penny Rodgers said...

Wow! Eli didn't just have a cold! Poor guy!

What is it with men and their food?!? That is hilarious!

The Milfords said...

Ooo Muchacos. I haven't had one of those in a very very long time. That sounds yummy even at 915 in the morning. :)

June had RSV last year at this time. They wanted us to do the breathing treatments (do you have to do those?), but her little system didn't like them all that much. I pulled a mom-knows-best and stopped them and we just stayed in for a few weeks. It will go away. I will pray though. It's no fun. Our cool mist humidifier worked really well! So did warm apple juice. I also read you can sit in a steam shower and then wrap up and go outside that it will help open the lungs. Something about the heat causing all the gunk to break up and then the cold causing the swelling to go away.

This is way too long for a comment. I am going to stop. :)

CC said...

Feel better Eli!!

and no Wes I don't think I'll see the "Real" story. I'll stick up for the woman here and say SHARE! It's what we want to teach the kids! ;)

love seeker said...

aww little Eli is sick! But he's growing up so fast!! Good to hear from you again, too! ♥

The Mellberg Family said...

Poor Eli, I'll pray he gets better.

Stacey said...

Ha! This totally made me laugh! Hope all is well with Eli and will keep him in my prayers!

Shaunna said...

Poor Baby! Addi and I will say a prayer for your sweet Eli!