Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival Friday! ...or not

Tonight we are going to the Fall Festival at Lake Pointe! Are you? I love love LOVE doing things with Wes and Eli and so we will be enjoying the free festivities this evening. :) I'll be back later to post some pictures! Happy Fall Festival Friday!

Ok- so we didn't end up going to the Fall Festival. I was SO sad because it looked like so much fun but Wes' allergies were killing him and being outside right now would not have been the smartest choice. So, Wes decides that we should go on a date! I of course am all for that but it was super last minute and I wasn't sure if my mom had plans or not. We called her up and she graciously said she would keep Eli for us.

Whoo hoo! Spontaneous date night!

We pack Eli up in his super cute new shirt from Target (I'll have to take a pic later... adorable!) and take him to meet my mom and sister at our new Chick-fil-A (yes!!) and off we go to... P.F. Chang's! I have never been there before and I was beyond excited to a) go on a date with Wes and b) eat there!

We pulled up, parked in the front row, and checked in for our reservation. We had such a great time being a couple! We did talk about our kids, our debt, our future, but all of it was good because it's just really wonderful to be able to connect with my husband.

The service was excellent, the food was great, and Wes had made us an online reservation and told them it was a day to celebrate our upcoming baby and they gave us a free dessert! Way to go P.F. Chang's! Thank you!

And, Amy and my mom had a great time with Eli (of course) and I always love getting a "good report." I don't know if I've ever had a "bad" report on Eli but, it just makes me happy to hear that other people get to share in the joy that we get by having him around!

We'll try to hit up that Fall Festival next year! I'm sure it will be just as fun!

Eli did request a "sheto" (aka: cheeto) yesterday so I put a few on the table for him. What I did not do however, was put the bag in a place that he couldn't reach. It's like I forget how big my son is getting! So, he told me he was going to go get a "sheto" and I said ok, and... well... he definitely did get one!

yikes. Poor picture quality! Sorry about that. :)

If you have some extra time this weekend and want to be challenged, moved, and blessed, please check out this blog: Kisses from Katie

I cannot get through a single post of hers without weeping and being completely humbled at what God is doing in her life and the lives of those sweet sweet children. If you don't have time for it this weekend, mark it on your page and go back to it later. Hope is written all over that place.

Love you friends!


sarahdodson said...

I love free family outings :o) Enjoy your time!

Yomaida said...

LOVE reading what you have to say...and did I mention I am SO happy you are back....:)

Catherine said...

We really wanted to go to the Fall Festival too, but wanted to give Makayla another day to rest. So sad we missed it!! Hopefully we'll see you this evening at the Halloween Bash??