Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lend me your ears

First of all I want to start by congratulating Jen and Coby on their new beautiful baby boy, Crew! Her first born, Camren, just turned one year old a bit ago and now they have a new baby! So exciting! You need to read her post about finding out she was pregnant again, too great! Congratulations friends! We love you!

So Eli had this rash type thing on his leg. mmm, more like his upper thighs and little butt cheeks. Anyway, I noticed it yesterday after lunch when Wes and I were getting him up from his nap. It completely freaked me out... again. He has had this once before when Mere and I were playing in the park with him. I thought it was poison ivy but he makes no reaction to it. He doesn't even know it's there! I took him to the doctor at one of those clinics since it was a Saturday (and by the time we got there it was completely gone and I probably looked crazy) and he said it was probably a food allergy. 

Well circumstances were totally different than the last time he had the rash, but it looked exactly the same! He basically eats the same type stuff every day, so I still have no idea what caused it! I gave him some Zyrtec and it was gone pretty much right away when the medicine kicked in. But seriously, what the heck is happening? Friends! Tell me! :) (the pictures are kind of hard to see, but it is there!)

Now, three of my sweet friends offered to throw me a second baby shower. I've heard all kinds of things from that you shouldn't do that, it's tacky, it's rude, blah blah blah. But! I didn't ask them to throw a shower for me! They just offered! So, maybe it's just a way of the past not to have a second shower? What about you moms with more than one kid? Did you have more than one shower?? Well, I am completely excited about it! We really don't need any of the big stuff, so I don't feel bad about the showers because it's all the little fun stuff that people like to buy anyway that I registered for. Plus, who doesn't like to get together and have a little party? A big thank you to Liz, Leny, and Jourdan! I can't wait! 

OH! And my department head at work mentioned that she thinks there should be another wedding shower for married couples at like 10 years or something! I mean, hello! Stuff breaks! Stuff goes out of style! And well, getting new stuff is fun! Let's all start that tradition. Who's up first? :)


Jennifer said...

Weird about the rash! Is it bumpy at all, or just red? Maybe it is a heat rash since it happened outside and then again when he woke up(maybe he got too hot in his bed). Just a thought!

The Milfords said...

#1. Love the 10 year wedding shower idea. We had our 10th this year and we really need to update some things. I'm in. Let me know when and where. :)

#2. I had a 2nd shower and loved every minute of it. We had a lot of the stuff too since we were having another girl, but it was fun to be with my friends and to celebrate June's life.

#3. The rash. Could it be a laundry detergent or something he laid on? June is big time allergic to mosquitoes and fire ants and will get a rash like that from one bite. Any bug bites? I thought about heat too, and at the risk of TMI could he have gotten pee on his leg? That can be an irritant. Or maybe he just does it to freak you out. I bet he has complete control of the whole rash issue. :)

Apparently I wanted to tackle your blog backwards.

Off topic, but are we ever going to get together?

Charmander said...

My brother is 16 and he gets rashes like that all the time. If he scratches his arm, for instance, this really bad red rash will instantly appear. It could be that Eli needs some extra moisture. That's my guess. Hope all is well! =)

Whitney said...

One more thing that starts with F - fabulous! I think it is FABULOUS to have you back to blogger-dom. I am so excited for you, Wes, and Eli to be bringing baby Judy into your family. What a lucky dude! I love you to pieces and am grateful to call you friend!