Monday, April 21, 2008

4 month check up

Today Wes took Eli to his precious doctor to have his 4 month check up. I still remember looking at his 2 month check up page and seeing the words, "next visit: 4 months" and thinking, that is forever away! Not so!

I was really anxious to hear what she had to say since he and tummy time are arch enemies, but he actually did really well! When he was on his tummy he lifted his head but he lifts with is stomach and back and not his arms. So, that's our new homework assignment. She said that his head shape is still perfect so she doesn't think we'll have to have a helmet or anything like that.

He was his precious self with her, said Wes. He smiled and grinned and when she tested his hips he laughed, which doesn't surprise me because he loves it when people play with his legs! He's now 17 pounds and 26 inches! Both of those are in the 90% and then his head is 17 1/8, which is the 75%. All of which are pretty darn great! Those are huge jumps from last time because he wasn't even near those percentiles before.

And of course, he had to get those dang shots! :( As I'm typing this, this picture is what Eli is doing.

Another thing we can start doing is introducing solid food... like rice cereal. I can't even picture Eli eating anything from a spoon! It makes me laugh to think of that! But... I'll guess we'll try it pretty soon!

Thank you Christine and Sarah for the ideas! I am getting those from the store tonight and checking out that website! I'm super excited! Thank you my sweet girlies!


the walkers said...

ugh!!! i HATE shot visits...we are about to have to do the 1 YEAR shots...i can not believe it! but i will tell you, in relation to the breastfeeding, i used fenugreek too and had success...just get ready to smell like maple syrup all the time!!!! clayton always said, "it smells like ihop in here" - not knowing that it was me he was smelling ;) and yea for the 2 pounds!

Missie said...

You guys are doing great and Eli looks wonderful! (Lauren is sleeping right now too as I type.) You'll figure out the nursing in due time.. don't stress too much about it. Your little one is absolutely precious!

The Mellberg Family said...

I hate, hate shots, but at least he is sleeping it off. Don't worry about the bfing his milk intake may go down some once he starts cereal and you should pat yourself on the back for making it this far on just milk.