Friday, April 25, 2008

European Vacation

Our passports are here! The tickets have been purchased! And our itinerary is in the works! Hopefully, our trip will not turn out like the Griswold family European vacation, but you can't be too sure with my family!

My brother started his job in London a little bit before Christmas 2007 and he will be there for one year, with the possibility of staying longer! So we thought this would be a perfect time to go to Europe and we all miss him and want to see him! Right now we're planning on going to London, Paris, and Ireland, but we're flexible and that might change!

So far the traveling team is my parents, my sister Amy, my friend Meredith, me, and Eli. Yep. Eli is going. Now this is probably going to turn out to be one of those things that he is super mad about in the future. My parents went several places when Josh and I were younger that we don't remember and haven't been back to since. (Wes works every week in the summer and won't be able to go with us...which is SO sad! He's been to Europe twice but it will definitely not be the same without him!) But can we all focus on the fact that we're taking Eli!

Our travel dates are July 12-July 23. Eli will be turning 7 months old during this time and Wes and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary apart :( I've tried to ask as many people who have been in this similar situation with a baby in Europe their advice. So far, the consensus has been that taking a baby is much easier than taking like a 5 year old. I really have no concept of what this is going to be like! I mean, I can't even imagine Eli being 7 months old and how different he will be by then! I think I'm most nervous about the plane ride. We're going to try to get to the airport early and get in line so hopefully we can get the seats that don't have people in front of them to give us some extra room.

Has anyone ever done this? Or known of anyone who has done this??

Either way, I am beyond excited! I still can't believe we're actually getting to do this! I think about it every single day! I laugh though at Eli's passport picture. hahaha... I had to hold him up in front of this white screen at Walgreens! haha... so cute!

Oh, and I have the best news! My sweet best friend from high school, Kelli, is pregnant! YAY! She's about 12 weeks along now and is due November 8! They aren't going to find out with it is... which is going to drive all of us insane (smile) but it's going to be such a fun day when he or she arrives! Congratulations Kel! Love ya kid!
Oh, and START A BLOG! :)


The Mellberg Family said...

Hey, how long did it take to get your passport, we are having to get ours to go to Cancun for Dusty's sister's wedding on July 11th. We're in a
little bit of a rush. So excited about Kelly, we'll see if they can stand not finding out.

Christine said...

Get there early. You can pre-board with a baby!

Anonymous said...

We flew with Mark when he was about that age and it was great. Check with the airline b/c they will let you pre-board and pick your seats. We picked the ones you talk of at the front. Oh and Mark grabbed this ladies big boobs and I was so embarassed. Breann

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! <3 Kelli

Amber said...

You don't know me, but I'm close friends with "Glorious Grace". I browse through the links on her blog from time-to-time, and I noticed your blog. I have a 10-month old who we've taken on flights home 1500 miles away from our current home four times already.

My tips for flying with an infant are:
1. be prepared, especially on Eli's first flight, with a bottle for the rise and decline of the flight, especially the decline. You never know how the change in pressure will affect his ears - in some babies, it really hurts. And since they don't know how to pop their ears like we do, feeding him will help that.
2. bring extra clothes not only for Eli, but for yourself in your carry-on. You don't want to be stuck all day in vomit-clothes, or whatever projectile Eli may grace you with on that day.
3. bring ziplock bags on your carry-on. You never know when they'll come in handy--from putting your son's dirty "biggest-poop-in-the-world clothes" in them to an emergency diaper change on the plane to medicine that you don't want spilling all over everything else in your carry-on.
4. ditch normal rules. If the paci (or binki) is usually only a night-time thing, use it on the plane if Eli is crying incessantly. Better to stop the crying by breaking a couple of house-rules than to have a crying baby on the plane for hours.
5. If you have enough room, bring something (small pillow, Eli's extra set of clothes, etc) that you can prop your arm up with. Holding a baby infant-style gets really tiring after a while, especially when you're holding him while he sleeps. And those plane arm rests just aren't high enough.
6. If you formula feed, just bring the extra powder on the plane with you and use the bottled water they offer you (or buy some at the airport) to mix it up as needed. If you don't, all that liquid gets really heavy and runs out fast.

Hopefully you'll find some of these tips helpful! Have fun this summer!


It's just me... said...

I love it when babies have official documents, social security cards and passports, that sort of thing. I think it's the funniest thing in the world. You're going to have such an amazing time. I just love Europe and hopefully when Justin's finished with school, we're moving to Normandy. Give my love to Paris....**jealous**

A Mere Thought said...

Can't wait!!!

And, I just laughed out loud by myself when I saw his passport photo.

Terroni said...

And might I add to Amber's great tips...get yourself and Mr. Eli a little somethin' somethin' at the airport bar before boarding. The most pleasant flights are powered by a little vodka. Don't waste money on top shelf for the kid, though. At this age, they really don't appreciate the good stuff yet.

Catherine said...

How exciting!! I flew with Makayla when she was 7 months old. It was only a 3 hour flight, but it went great! I'll find you at school and we can chat!!

Missie said...

We are planning a flight trip too, except Lauren is mobile now, so I am not sure how "fun" the flight will be. You guys have fun and tell us all about it.