Monday, April 28, 2008

Come Worship Texas

On Saturday we spent almost the whole day in Alvarado, TX at an event called Come Worship Texas. A guy named Denny Nooner basically had a vision of this event and pulled it all together and I think paid for almost all of it!

He had Pillar, Skillet, Jeff Johnson, Jeremy Camp, and Mercy Me play, and the speaker was Francis Chan.

Meredith went with me and we left around 6:30, but we left way before it was over, so it was pretty much an all day event! I think about 4,000 people ended up being there by the end of the night, which is just really awesome for that many people to pay to come out that day! And the volunteers were SO nice to all of us! Traveling to different places with Wes in whatever band he happened to be in at the time, you start to get a feel of different groups and how they treat the artists and their families. I think sometimes venues forget that traveling from place to place is literally their job and they do it a lot. Some places just aren't thoughtful but that was not the case here. This event was just so very sweet to us. Not only did they check on us all the time to see if we needed anything, which is very sweet because they did not have to do that, but their disposition and demeanor with all of us was just so gracious! So, thanks volunteers! You guys are awesome!

The guys love playing events like this! They hope these are the kinds of things that they will get to play at a lot in their coming future. Jeff's song Ruin Me has hit the radio nationwide (ummm...except KLTY, our Dallas station...where Jeff lives...) and people all over have been moved by that song, and hopefully his whole album. We are all praying that this band will be booked for more gigs. Not only does that mean more money for our families, but also that more people will get to hear God's love through music. Please be in prayer with us as this new season of life the band is entering into will be a season of good change and progression.

Here are some more pics of the day!Jen and Coby- I'm so sorry we didn't get to hang out while you were here! I know that was a fast trip for you guys, but I hope you had a good time! We are still SO excited for you guys! Love you!


The Wilsons said...

I totally understand your situation! I love it! Life of the road is crazy. And life at home when the husband is gone is crazy too. But I do love the reward of people hearing about the Lord through our husbands' musical talents. A true calling for the whole family! Great pictures!

A Mere Thought said...

I'm glad there's no record of me even being at the event! Why didn't you put that great picture of us up??

The Milfords: said...

It sounds like it was an awesome event! I wish we had know. We would have come out to listen! Let me in on the next time so we can come worship too!

Jennifer-Colley said...

No worries about not getting to hang out! We were pretty busy the entire 'fast' weekend and so we probably would not have had enough time to get to spend with you guys! We really want to get together soon and see you too. We need to do it before the summer or Wes will be on the road!! We cannot wait to see Eli!

Greg Batla said...

Hey I saw your blog and just wanted to drop a line and say thanks so much for your kind words! I was one of those volunteers (Greg Batla, stage manager) and it's great to know that our work was appreciated and that you were treated well! We plan to make this event a yearly thing, so we hope to see you back soon! Your worship team was a particular joy to work with. All of those guys had such a great attitude and in the short time I spent with Jeff, I could see that he had a really big heart for God and for leading people in worship. Keep up the great work!
-Greg Batla

Sandra R. said...

Howdy Y'all,
Cool pics... :-)
I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!
It was a blessing having you guys with us during Come Worship TX - it was such an amazing day, and God truly used each of you in great ways! Know that the ministry of JJB is continually prayed for.

Thanks again!
Blessings & prayers,
Sandra Ruiz
Ministry Event Coordinator for
Come Worship TX 2008