Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is it bad?

Is it bad that a small...maybe even medium size... part of me wanted Eli to reject the cereal again? I've actually put it off for about 3 days now of trying it again. My little booklets say that if they reject it the first time to try back the next week. It's been exactly one week and it truly did make a huge difference!

We gave him a bath, fixed his bottle, and mixed a little bowl of cereal. We sat him in his little chair, bibbed him up, and fed him some from the bottle so he wouldn't be starving. Then comes the cereal. He looked at it, grabbed for it, and opened his mouth... all the signs that say this is probably going to be a go, and it was! Yay/tears! haha... oh the ridiculousness that is my emotions! Yes, of course I know growing and moving to different stages is healthy and good! But it doesn't stop my heart from being so proud and happy for him but also being a little sad that he's growing so fast!

On a separate note, this week is TAKS week, which basically means a week full of stress, confusion, a lot of flexibility and terribly unhealthy snacks. So far, that's exactly what it's been! I was in the math review classes today, which I actually preferred to giving a test. You could talk to the kids, move around, sit down if you wanted... very flexible and not stressful. So that's good at least! Tomorrow is science review which I'm excited about too!

Also, Eddie James from The Skit Guys called me tonight. We have previously done a commercial together for Southwest Airlines. It was actually a contest that they entered and WON! Yay! Anyways... for their 3rd volume of a DVD they are making, they are kind of doing a part 2 of the commercial. It's going to be about "Grant" and the fact that he's dealing with some perception vs. reality issues. I know it will be hilarious, because pretty much everything they do is! So, he asked me to send him some pictures of Wes and I so "Grant" can put his face over Wes'. Too funny! I'll let you know how it turns out!


Missie said...

ughhh... the dreaded Taks.

Don't be jealous, our garden is kind of lame compared to others in our neighborhood... HA, and our grass is not that lush green that one particular neighbor has. Man, I want green lush grass!

Love you! And Yay for cereal. Lauren is sort of talking now, and it makes me sad. She is growing so fast. Eli is precious and I LOVE his passport!

The Mellberg Family said...

They grow soooo fast. That's why you'll be wanting another one before long.

It's just me... said...

I love this skit. You are the cutest girl. The thing about Eli growing up (soo fast!) is that pretty soon, he'll be at that SUPER FUN age, somewhere between 2 and 4. I know he's *already* fun, but think about how great it'll be when he can communicate with actual words! You should read Heather's blog (linked from mine) it'll make you want a 4 year old.

A Mere Thought said...

ELI IS EATING FOOD!!!! AWESOME!!!! HE IS SO CUTE. And I really enjoyed you and Wes' baby voices in the video! I may have to join eli with his cereal now that I've got this jacked up tooth!!

Miss y'all!

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