Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Swimmer

Today Wes was home and it was our one day where we made no plans except to hang out as a family and it was awesome! He'll technically be in Dallas tomorrow but I won't see him until tomorrow night since he plays in Grapevine in the morning and Dallas tomorrow night. (sigh) the life of a musician... I'm going to really try to go visit him one day next week in Oklahoma because if not I won't see him until July 23 when we get back from Europe. :(

Anyways! Wes got home really late last night but woke up early this morning so we could all hang out! He forbade me to take Eli to the pool for the first time without him so we decided today would be the day! I was so excited because I had his cute little swimsuit with top and matching hat ready since like...April! As soon as Wes said we were going to go swim today I jumped up and got Eli dressed because even though I have had it since April I had never had him try it on. It fit perfectly and was SO adorable! We stopped by Wal-Mart to get some swim diapers and a floatie for Eli and we were off to the pool!

Wes got in first and said the water was kind of cold but thought it was fine for Eli, so we put in the little crab floatie that we got him and Wes put Eli in it. haha... I wish you could have been there to see it because Eli was just absolutely amazed at what he was getting to do! He just kept looking around like "what the heck is happening to me?" and it was so cute! Almost immediately Eli just starts kicking and floating around like he owns the place. :) oh gosh, it was just so much fun!! of course I took like 8 million pictures and most of them look the same...haha.. but I couldn't stop! It was just too precious!

Eli was slathered in like SPF 50 (literally), wore a shirt, shorts, a hat, and was covered by the crab's little yellow hooded thing and once it had been an hour I was like, "ok! we have to go!" I just have this thing about me not wanting to do anything bad to him! I can't be the one responsible for him losing his hearing at Wes' concerts or getting a sunburn or anything! Will I ever lighten up??? I still vividly remember when I cut his thumb and made him bleed when I cut his nail. I almost passed out.

That Elizabeth Stone quote that I read off a breakfast menu once still resonates with me, "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

In other news, Wes finally got a new laptop. His old one surprised us each time we turned it on because you just never knew if it would actually happen. He is the master at selling things and using the money to buy something that he wants. He's so responsible with money. I love that about him. Wes was showing Eli his new Mac book and Eli loved seeing himself in the camera on the screen!

Well Wes just got Eli to sleep so we're going to go watch a movie! Goodnight!

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