Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Que vais-je porter?

That would be French for "what am I going to wear?" (thanks iGoogle)

My body isn't exactly the same as it was before I had Eli. I still haven't lost all the weight (uugghhhhhhhh.....) but more than that, I seem a little wider maybe? who knows. I'm totally fine with my body changing after a pregnancy, but not so fine with the whole clothes issue.

I haven't really bought any new clothes since Eli was born mainly because I was either in "teacher" clothes or my standard jeans and a t-shirt. Since we leave for Europe SO soon, I am now getting the big picture of the lack of clothes I have to wear. I can't afford to go buy a bunch of new clothes (and honestly I don't want to do that either because if you will remember... I still haven't lost all the weight...) so I'm thinking I'll just assess the weather situation over there, buy some solid tank tops, and possibly be good to go.

Here is this week's forecast for London:
Wind: W at 17 mph
Humidity: 52%
Chance of Rain
68°F | 59°F
69°F | 62°F
Mostly Sunny
75°F | 60°F
Chance of Rain
71°F | 59°F

Ok... so maybe a few solid tank tops and a short sleeve hoodie? (smile)

Any suggestions?
I want to be comfortable. I get hot easily. And I don't want to look terrible for every picture.

Oh! Did I tell you that with Wes' new macbook that he got a free iPod Touch? And since he basically stole my iPod (haha...just kidding Wes), he gave the iPod Touch to me! SO cool! umm... I already love it, but I do feel like he just handed me something that I am not qualified to use. The greatest thing about it is that you can get on the internet anywhere the internet is wirelessly available! Thanks honey!! (sorry for the stock photo- Wes took the camera this week)


Ms. Collier said...

I didn't get any pictures unfortunately. I had my camera, but I would accidentally leave it places or forget I had it. I'll see if my aunt can email me some. :o) I'm excited for you about your Europe trip!

The Milfords: said...

I have one word- jealous. I am jealous you get to go to London and I am jealous you have a iPod Touch. Double whammy.

Have fun and go with the tanks and hoodies. I like that idea. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Tanks and hoodies sound great, but maybe even t-shirts and hoodies. It looks a little cool. Especially at night. Can't wait to see pics and read all about it!! :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

OK...very random question. I saw on your blog roll a while back that Tobi McMillian was on there. How do you know her?

Ashley McWhorter said...

OK, you seriously crack me up!!!! I can't believe you didn't realize that I was preggo this whole time. You probably thought I was just getting fatter with each picture. :)

I am due Dec 12. We actually find out on Monday what this one is going to be. So....stay tuned!!!!!

I am still laughing!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!!!!!!! :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Go back and read my post from March 3rd. It will fill you in on my whole little life and family. But...I have gotten pregnant since then. :)